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Yo Mama so ugly, even hello kitty said goodbye.

submitted by: KuriousM

Yo momma's so fat, she's got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook

submitted by: erikm98

Yo Mama's so fat, it took Thanos two snaps to kill her.

submitted by: iperry4114

Yo mama so nasty she looks like an ogre and smells like puss in boots

submitted by: awesomehoss99

Yo mama so fat, everytime she walks she does the harlem shake

submitted by: malcomlittle2880

Yo momma so fat, they used Google Earth for her school photo.

submitted by: davejavu1984

Yo mama's like the Pillsbury dough boy.... everybody pokes her.

submitted by: blythe2132

Yo momma is so poor she created a gmail account just so she can eat the spam

submitted by: kaelanlee

Yo mama so fat I asked her about the M.O.B. tattoo on her arm
"Money Over Bitches?"
She said "No, Mcdonalds Over Burger King"

submitted by: dantethomas

Yo momma so fat she sued Xbox 360 for guessing her weight

submitted by: samyagirl

Yo mama is so ugly that even Scooby Doo couldn't solve that mystery.

submitted by: Linneybear

Yo momma is poor when I sat on a skateboard she said (get of my family van)

submitted by: zomitch

Yo mama so stupid, her teacher told her to get out a pen and paper, and she got out a hen and raped her.

submitted by: ilovejohnnydeppp

your moms like a bowling ball she gets picked up fingered thrown in the gutter and still comes back for more!

submitted by: angie_87_f

Yo mama so stupid, she tripped over a WIRELESS network!

submitted by: rickyrassool

Yo mama so fat when she sat on a dollar bill she squeezed a booger out of George Washingtons nose

submitted by: jbent785

Yo Momma so fat, I bumped into her and said "Sorry, my mistake." And she said "Did you just say steak?!"

submitted by: williamprokup

Yo mama so ugly she had to trick or treat over the phone

submitted by: deerboocap

Yo mama so ugly her birth certificate was an apology from the condom factory

submitted by: darneloverstreet

Yo mamas so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii Fit.
submitted by: cjb10798

Yo mama so fat she has two watches one for each time zone she's in.

submitted by: alexpatty712

Yo Mama's so dirty, the roaches wrote her an eviction notice.

submitted by: dirtysouth_southboy

Yo mamas like humpty dumpty first she gets humped then she gets dumped

submitted by: tylerborst27

Yo mama is like a hockey player, she only showers after three periods.

submitted by: carmen

Yo mama so old she knew Burger King while he was still a prince.

submitted by: haywage

Yo mama's mouth is so big that she speaks in surround sound.

submitted by: demaryius89

Yo Mama So Fat she has mass whether the Higgs Boson exists or not.

submitted by: mad_jesuit

Yo mama so fat she sat on an iPad and turned it into a Flat Screen TV

submitted by: pittpens1997

Yo momma is so fat she sat on Walmart and lowered the prices

submitted by: twinb99

Yo mama so stupid I told her to do the robot.....and now R2D2 has AIDS

submitted by: jackie2121

Yo mama so fat if she had a porn name it would be Krispy Kreme.

submitted by: nbille

Yo momma is so ugly when she looks in the mirror Bloody Mary goes away

submitted by: maripesta

Yo momma so ugly her bodywash is CLR: Calcium, Lime, and Rust

submitted by: slimjumpin

Yo mama so old they moved her out of the retirement home and in to the museum.

submitted by: cadwallader.alex

yo momma so dumb she put paper on the tv ad called it paper view

submitted by: tommyschenkman

Yo mama is so fat, it took 3 years for Nationwide to get on her side.

submitted by: alfredzt

Yo mommas chest so hairy her titties look like coconuts.

submitted by: yreese

That awkward moment when you make a "yo momma" joke to a sibling.

submitted by: kmichelle

If you eat twinkies it's a proven fact yo momma was a Ho-Ho

submitted by: kward10

Yo mama so fat she went to Mcdonalds and they had to call Wendys for backup.

submitted by: emmaswiss

Yo mama's legs are like the library, they're always open to the public.

submitted by: Puddles3522

Friend: "Dude yo mama jokes are weak."
Boy: "I made yo momma weak last night."

submitted by: Marcitos

Yo Mama so hairy when you're baby brother was born he died of rug burn.

submitted by: ChinaDoll56

It only takes 2 words to piss somebody off... "Yo Momma"

submitted by: Zaynee

Yo mama`s lips so big, chapstick had to invent a spray

submitted by: caseyjoesetzer

Yo mama so stupid she got fired from a blow job

submitted by: CocoaLegacy

Yo mama so kind, I broke her hip, I ate her muffins, I smashed her lamp, and and I deleted her favorite show (Doc.Mcstuffins) and she did not seem to mind.
submitted by: Lauren.fleming04

Yo mama so old she went to an antique store and they wouldn't let her leave.

submitted by: brendanratc

Yo mama so fat that when she fell down the stairs, I wasn't laughing but the stairs were cracking up.

submitted by: 21jtanner

Yo mamma is so stupid she gave birth to you on the I-75 because she heard thats where accidents happen.

submitted by: Jasongalibert123321

yo mama so ugly when she lookes in the mirror Micheal Jackson sings beat it.

submitted by: damareonbyrd

If you want my come back you'll have to scrape it off your moms teeth

submitted by: jonathen51

Knock Knock,
Who's there?
whale who?!
yo mama so fat she's a Whale of a good time

submitted by: kee0315

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