Yo Mama Movie Jokes

Yo mama so fat the sorting hat put her in all four houses.

Yo momma so dirty she spent a Night at the Museum and archaeologists needed to unearth all the artifacts.

Yo momma so fat she volunteered for the Hunger Games and won all 75 of them.

Yo mama so stupid and easy she had sex with Kevin Hart and now she believes she can "Think Like A Man Too"

Yo mama so dumb after watching "Gone Girl", she was glad it had a happy ending.

Yo mama so awkward and clumsy she makes Napoleon Dynamite look like James Bond.

Yo mama so dumb she turned down the part of Helen Keller because she couldn't remember the lines.

Yo momma is so old that she knew "The Rock" when he was just a pebble.

Yo mama so ugly that Voldemort won't even say her name.

Yo mama so short, she was rejected by the munchkins AND the Oompa-Loompas!

Yo mama so fat and ugly the only letters in the alphabet she knows is D.U.F.F.

Yo mama so hairy, she's a stunt double for Chewbacca and her baby daughter played the leader of the Ewoks (no makeup needed).

Yo momma so ugly she has the breath of an Orc, the face of a dwarf, and the feet of a hobbit.

Yo mama is so fat she tried out for the Indiana Jones movie and got the part as the rolling boulder

yo mama so fat she can do the truffle shuffle better than Chunk in "The Goonies"

Yo Mamma' so stupid she tried to play "I got your nose" with Lord Voldemort!

Yo mamma so fat she makes Godzilla look like an action figure.

Yo mama's so old, Jurassic Park brought back memories.

Yo mama so fat that she would have been in E.T., but when she rode the bike across the moon, she caused an eclipse.

Yo mama so fat we went to the drive-in and didn't have to pay because we dressed her as a Chevrolet.

Yo mama so stupid I told her to do the robot.....and now R2D2 has AIDS

yo momma so ugly we thought the Grinch was coming early.

Yo mama's so smelly, she woke up Sleeping Beauty.

Yo mama so short even Peter Pan and the lost boys calls her a midget.

Yo mama so fat and nasty her shits are as long as king kongs finger

yo mama is so fat even the death star cant blow her up

Your mama is so big, she made Godzilla look like an action figure.

Yo mama is so fat when people see her they think they are making Big Momma's House 3

Yo mama so ugly she give Freddie Kruger nightmares.

Yo mama so ugly when Darth Vader looked at her birth certificate he said: "Bitch, I am NOT your father!"

yo momma teeth so dirty when she went to reach for her tooth brush and it did the matrix and said "you not picking me"

Yo mama's so fat her patronus is a cake.

Yo mama is so stupid she thought Katniss Everdeen was a type of catfood.

Yo mama is so short, she wakes up in a lego house singing "Everything is Awesome".

yo mama so fat when she got in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign you could only see H-D

Yo mama's so old, she used to baby-sit Yoda.

Yo Mama so old on her birth certificate it says 10,000 BC.

Yo momma so large she was in the movie fat n 'furious.

your mama is so dumb she cut open a pineapple and said "Spongebob were are you?"

Yo mommas so fat, Jabba the Hut beat her on the biggest loser.

Yo momma so fat, she stood up in the movie theater and people said "I didn't know King Kong was in 3D".

your mammas so fat that when she eats a burger it sounds like Jurassic park on surround sound.

Yo momma so fat she made Jabba the Hut god dayyyyummmm.

Yo mama so nasty she looks like an ogre and smells like puss in boots

Yo momma so hairy when she went to see the new Star Wars film, someone said "Look, someone dressed up as Chewbacca."

Yo mama so fat her favorite actor is Krevin Bacon

yo mama so old that she used to change yodas diapers

Yo mama so hungry when she went to the theater to see "We Bought A Zoo", she brings barbecue sauce.

Yo mama so stupid when she saw the NC-17 (under 17 not admitted) sign, she went home and got 16 friends

Yo mama's so fat,when she went to the theaters everybody yelled, "Look King-Kong in 3-D!".

Yo mama so fat and old, she broke Technicolor, which is why the first movies were in black n white.

Yo Mama's so fat, she makes Jonah Hill look superbad at gaining weight!

yo mama so dumb when the cop pulled her over and gave her a ticket she said "What movie are we going to see?"

Yo mama so ugly, even Jabba The Hut said "DAMN!"

Yo momma's so ugly even Shrek said, "Get outta ma swamp!"

Yo Mama so Ugly, she's the reason The Ninja Turtles hide in the sewers!

Yo mama so fat that even Pippi Longstocking couldn't lift her

Yo momma so fat when she walks across the isle at the theatre everybody misses the movie

Yo momma so ugly, that she made sadness from Inside Out feel better about herself.

Yo mama so fat she made the movie "Gorillas in the Mist" in her shower.

Yo mama so fat, when she wanted to go for London Weight Management, Tom Cruise said,: This is Mission Impossible."

Yo momma so fat that Buzz Lightyear changed his line to "Your momma and beyond"

Yo momma so fat, she went to Japan, and everyone screamed "GODZILLA!!!"

Yo mama so short, even Hobbits are taller than her!

Yo mama so old she thought 50 shades of grey was the color of her hair

Yo mama's so fat, when the Grinch saw her, he said, "ho ho holy shit! That's an ugly bitch!"

yo mama so hairy she couldn't have sex with king kong

Yo mama so fat when she said beam me up scotty he said "I cant your to heavy."

Yo momma so old she got to see passion of the christ live!

Yo mama so bald that Vin Diesel thought she was his twin.

Yo mom so fat that Darth Vader can't even choke her with the force.

Yo mama is so skinny and hairy the Ninja Turtles called her Master Splinter.

Yo mama so fat, Matthew McConaughey went interstellar around her black ass.

Yo momma so hairy chewbacca popped out of her butt and said its a jungle down there

Yo mama so nasty and smells so bad, she was entered in the hunger games and won within 30 seconds

Yo mama so fat when she steps on the scale Buzzlightear popped out and said to infinity and beyond

Yo mamma so stupid, when she went to Hollywood, she brought a Telescope to meet the stars".

Yo mama is ugly people thinks she's yoda of star wars

Yo mama so short she's Mini-Me's.... Mini-Me

yo mama is so fat when she went to the movies, everyone asked "Can this screen be any bigger?

Yo mama so fat, She ate popcorn out of the whole theater!

Yo mama so ugly they cut godzilla so she could make a movie

yo mama is so fat that the Titanic ran into her not the iceberg.

Yo mama so hairy, she can stay at Hotel Transylvania.

Yo mama so hairy, when Disney wanted to save money on makeup they asked your mom to play Chewbacca.

Yo mamas ass is so thick that Godzilla cant even chew it.

Yo mama so ugly she makes Pennywise scared.

Yo mama so ugly she broke fix-it-Felix jr.'s hammer.

Yo mama so fat she makes "Free Willy" look like a goldfish.

yo mama so fat, she made "Precious" say "God Damnnnnnn".

Your mamma so fat that if she moves any closer to the San Andreas fault, we'll lose all of California.

Yo mummy is so fat, when she steps on Wolverine.... Even he can't heal himself!

yo mama so stupid, she thought MORGAN FREEMAN was a get out jail free card

yo mama so ugly she is the reason why King Kong climbed the empire state building

Yo mama so stupid she took a cup to the movie juice .

Yo mama is so ugly that every movie with her in it has "Scream" in the title.

Yo mama so UGLY, when she bought a new car it TRANSFORMED and ran away.

yo mama so fat the other half of her is in Narnia!

Yo mama so fat that the Richie Rich had to pay for her lipo-suction operation.

Yo mama so fat Casper couldn't even go through her

Yo mama so fat the sorting hat put her in the house of pancakes.

Yo Mama is so fat, Chuck Norris dunno WTF to do about it.

Yo mama is so fat that when the boulder for Indiana Jones broke they used her.

Yo mamma is so ugly when she was an extra on a Disney movie, they had to make it rated R.

Yo mama's so fat, even Hercules couldn't lift her!

Yo mamas so ugly when she got a new car it transformed and ran away... "Autobots let's get the f**k out of here"

Yo momma so fat she got the biggest part in Titanic, the iceberg.

Yo mamas so teeth are so yellow it looks like minions are working in her mouth.

Yo mama's so fat, She's one third of the multi-verse

Yo mama so fat, when she joined the power rangers, they used her as the megazord.

Yo mama's so fat, she looked in the Mirror Of Erised and saw a ham!

Yo momma so stupid that when she heard we were going to see Free Willy she thought it was a strip club.

Yo mama so nasty, she sat on Pinocchio's nose and told him to lie.

Yo mama is so ugly she got admitted into Monsters University.

Yo mama so fat, workout videos are horror movies!

Yo momma so ugly, not even Willy Wonka can sugar coat it.

Yo mama so stupid, she tried to drink Beetlejuice.

yo mama so ugly when she brought a car it transformed and ran away.

You mamma so old her favorite movie is the first one ever made.

Yo mama so ugly that when she was a kid Krampus punished her every Christmas just for being so ugly.

I bet you know about Fast and Furious, right? But....Yo mama so fat, she's the star of the reality show: Fat and Furious.

You mamma is so hairy that when she weared a green bikini to the beach people said GODZILLA!

Yo Mama so fat she sat on Chris Rock and turned him into Chris Pebbles.

Yo mama so nasty, madam tussauds buys her earwax.

Yo mama is so ugly she's the reason Pennywise lives in the sewers.

Yo Mama's head so big, her dreams are in IMAX.

Yo mama so nasty, I told her to do the robot and now ... BB8 has... AIDS !

Yo mama so fat, she sued Les Misťrables for having a prisoner with her weight.(Prisoner 24601)

Yo mama so ugly, when the Grinch came to steal Christmas, he left the wrapping paper and put it on her face.

Yo momma so hairy the only language she speaks is wookie.

Your mom is so old that she knew Gandalf before he had a beard

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