Dolphin Jokes

What did the dolphin say when he posted bail?
"I'm off the hook!"

Why don't dolphins play basketball?
Because there afraid of the net.

Why don't dolphins pass their exams?
Because they work below C-Level.

Why did the dolphin cross the road?
To get to the other tide.

Why did the dolphin blush?
Because it saw the oceans bottom.

What did the magician say to the dolphin?
Pick a cod, any cod!

How did the dolphin find the World Wide Web?
In a Net.

How do dolphins travel long distances?
They whale (hail) a cab.

What is a dolphins favorite holiday?
Findependence day.

How could the dolphin afford to buy a house?
He prawned everything!

Where do dolphins sleep?
In a water bed.

What happened after the dolphin ate tainted fish?
He lost his herring.

Did you know that dolphins sometimes eat cephalopods like an octopus?
Seriously, I'm not squidding.

What do dolphins need to stay healthy?
Vitamin Sea.

Are the shows at Sea World fun?

What is a dolphin's favorite TV show?
Whale of fortune!

What did the people say when they were waiting for the dolphins to jump?
Water they waiting for!

What did the dolphin say when the priest tossed him a fish?
Holy Mackerel

Telling people about different types of dolphins gives me porpoise.

I heard the dolphin fell in love with the girl next dorsal.

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