Clerihew Poems

Mrs Freud
Was quite annoyed
With what Sigmund did
With his id

Lionel Messi
A man without mercy.
With every kick
He's closer to a hat trick

David Beckham
Kicks the ball with a wham
He would always bend it
So no-one could defend it

Lewis Carroll
Bought sumptuous apparel
And built an enormous palace
Out of the profits of Alice.

Edgar Allen Poe
Was passionately fond of roe.
He always liked to chew some
When writing anything gruesome.

Taylor Swift
Has a beautiful gift
She can write songs about a breakup
After knowing they won't makeup.

Martin Luther King
Changed everything
And captivated a nation
With his non-violent demonstration

Jamaican Usain Bolt
Is faster than a colt
Sprinters spend hours in a gym
So one day they can finally catch him.

Marilyn Monroe
A name every man should know
Although she pretended to be a dumb blonde
Her talents were above and beyond.

Garfield the cat
On his rear he sat.
Eating lasagna all day
With Odie he would play.

Donald Trump
A man Deniro wants to thump
Money might not buy class
But it can protect his orange ass.

Oscar Pistorius
Made running without legs glorious
Now he's guilty of homicide
And no longer glorified

Muhammad Ali
Could sting like a bee
Would always fight the best
Since he was the greatest

Hilary Clinton
Let's not forget she almost won
With a wall of emails to condemn
Republicans still can't get over them.

J.R. Tolkien
What was he smoking?
When he wrote the legendary tales of wits
About dwarfs, elves, and hobbits.

National Clerihew Day is celebrated annually on Edmund Clerihew Bentley's birthday, July 10th.

Clerihew poems contain four lines with rhyming couplets of AA/BB. The first line must be a persons name.

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