Famous New Years Eve Birthdays

December 31 (New Years Eve)
Val Kilmer (Actor, 1959)
Joe McIntyre (New Kids on the Block Singer, 1972)
Nicholas Sparks (Romance Novelist, 1965)
John Denver (Folk Singer, 1943-1997)
Anthony Hopkins (Actor, 1937)
Psy (South Korean Singer (Gangnam Style), 1977)
Gabby Douglas (US Gymnast (Fierce Five), 1995)
Alex Ferguson (Manchester United manager from 1986 to 2013, 1941)
Donald Trump Jr (Presidents Son, 1977)
Ben Kingsley (Actor, 1943)
Donna Summer (Singer, 1948-2012)
Jenna Compono (Reality TV (MTV Real World), 1992)
Andy Summers (Police Guitarist, 1942)
Jeff Flake (Arizona Senator, 1962)
Jacques Cartier (French Explorer who claimed Canada, 1491-1557)
Charles Cornwallis (General of British Army during American Revolution, 1738-1805)
Henri Matisse (French Impressionist painter, 1869-1954)

January 1 (New Years Day)
John Smith (Explorer, 1580-1631)
Verne Troyer (Austin Powers Mini-me actor, 1969)
Paul Revere (Midnight Ride American Revolution war hero, 1735-1818)
Elin Nordegren (Model, Tiger Woods ex-wife, 1980)
Gary Johnson (New Mexico Politician and Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, 1953)
Jason Pierre-Paul (New York Giants Defensive End, 1989)
Bobby Roode (WWE Wrestler, 1977)
Jack Wilshere (Arsenal midfielder, 1992)
Betsy Ross (Sewed 1st American Flag, 1752-1836)
Angourie Rice (Actress, 2001)
Katrina Law (Spartacus & CW Arrow actress, 1985)
J. Edgar Hoover (First director of FBI, 1895-1972)
J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye novelist, 1919-2010)

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