New Years Eve Pick Up Lines

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I'm looking at mine right now. Let's ring in the New Year with a bang!

Hey can I follow you home? ("What?") "Oh sorry my new years resolution is to follow my dreams."

You must be the New Years Eve Ball, because the light around you guided me here.

Can I be your first mistake of the year?

Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase this past year and write our future.

You wanna know who would make my night complete? Read the first word in this sentence.

Do you want to see two balls drop?

You must be the New Years Eve ball, cause the closer we get, the hotter you become.

If my right leg was Christmas and my left was New Years, would you like to spend some time between the holidays?

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I'm looking at mine right now.

"Excuse me miss, is it midnight? I'd check my watch but I can't take my eyes off you."

Wanna start the New Year with a bang?

Who took the lights out of the New Years Eve ball and put them eyes.

Are you New Years, cause you make me Happy.

If I buy a soccer ball, will you kick it with me in the New Year?

Hershey factories make millions of kisses a day, but I'm asking for only one at midnight.

Boy: "So you going to kiss me at midnight or pretend to be a butterfly?"
Girl: (puzzled look)
Boy: "You know, pretty to see but hard to catch!"

I need a babysitter tonight cas my parents are going out for New Years..Interested?

I know how to say "Happy New Year" in 6 different languages, which one do you want me to tell you tomorrow morning?

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