National Truffle Day Jokes

Why did the Truffle go to the dentist?
Because it lost its filling

Why did the Truffle leave the party?
There wasn't mushroom.

Why did the Truffle get invited to the party?
Cause he's a fungi!

Where do truffles come from?
Mushy rooms.

What does a mushroom say on the dance floor?
Everyday I'm trufflin.

Why did the cherry go to the chocolate factory?
It was cordially invited.

Did you hear the joke about the truffle?
I could tell it to you, but it might need time to grow on you.

I couldnt fit any more truffles in my basket.
I guess you could say there wasnt mushroom.

What is a cat's favorite kind of truffle?
Chocolate mousse!

Life is like a box of chocolate truffles, It doesn't last too long for fat people.

There are two types of people in this world: People who love truffles and liars.

National Truffle Day is celebrated on May 2nd and is meant to celebrate this chocolate confectionery with different fillings.

Magic Lamp
A man found a magic lamp on the beach. He rubbed it and out popped a genie, who gave the man three wishes.
The man wished for a million dollars, and poof! There was a million dollars.
Then he wished for a convertible, and poof! There was a convertible.
And then, he wished he could be irresistible to all women... Poof! He turned into a box of chocolate truffles.

Doctors Office
A guy walks into the doctor's office.

A carrot stuck in one of his ears, a cucumber in the other ear, and a truffle stuck in one nostril.

The man says, "Doc, this is terrible. What's wrong with me?"

The doctor says, "Well, first of all, you need to eat more sensibly."

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