Single White Female Joke

Online dating is huge now. Everyone from EHarmony to have been benefitting from the surge in personals. But impersonal nature of online personals need a little clarifying. Below you'll find a guide to better enable yourself "Find That Special Someone"


Beautiful Bulgarian girl = I need a green card
Beautiful Ukranian girl = I need a green card
Beautiful Romanian girl = I need a green card....possibly a gypsy
I love doing yoga and running with my dog = a really good lay
Athletic = No tits
Spends too much time at work / Work Hard = I'm cheating on you and we haven't even met
Beautiful = Pathological liar
Contagious Smile = Takes a lot of pills
Emotionally Secure = On medication / Frequent Psychiatric Visits
Feminist = Fat
Free spirit = Junkie / Hippie
Hopeless romantic = Wants a Ring
Friendship first = Former slut
Fun = Annoying
New-Age = Body hair in the wrong places
very goal oriented = She wants to wear the pants
BA in psychology = I will be single forever
Sensitive Girl = Insecure
Adventurous = Slept with everyone
Old-fashioned = No Blow Jobs
Looking For A Man with ambition = Golddigger
Mentions the word "Love" in any way shape or form = clingy
Honest Eyes = I'll cheat on you and you'll never know....hehehehe
Family is important to me = Father Issues
Open-minded = Really Really Desperate
Outgoing = Loud and Embarrassing
Passionate = Sloppy drunk
Average looking = Ugly
Spontaneous = Will Have Sex Anywhere
Looking for a cowboy! = Take me....Take me nowwwwww!
low maintenance girl = not very attractive and probably athletic = no tits no looks
Fun-loving girl = gives it up a lot
For a guy to make me laugh = depressed probably medicated
Honest, intelligent, funny and just down to earth = probably none of the above
Spiritual = a witch, possibly a vegetarian
Voluptuous = Possibly Fat
Large frame = One Large Woman
Wants Soul mate = Stalker
Looking for a nice guy = Been cheated on (Paranoid, Clingy)
No Baby Daddy Drama = Baby Daddy Drama (Look out!)
30-ish = 35-45
40-ish = 49-54
Chivalry should not be dead! There's something to be said about how our parents courted = Princess....Only Child
Very social = keep your good-looking friend away from this one
I've been called a keeper = only calls herself a keeper


Looking for a nice girl = Been cheated on (Paranoid, Clingy)
Ambitious = Rich
Family is important to me = Mother Issues
Old fashioned gentleman = Oldddd. Really Olddddddd
Renowned Psycologist = You'll be on medication inside of a week
I've been called a keeper = only calls himself a keeper
Open-minded = Really Really Desperate
Adventurous & Open-minded = Swinger, possibly bi
I want you to want me = Knows at least one song from the 80s
Charming European accent = I will cheat on you, but its okay I have a Charming European accent
"Bad boys need love too" = maybe a good lay, possibly has herpes
(wickedly sarcastic) sense of humor = Will tell you your ugly and think its funny
Big Teddy Bear = Really Really Big
Lets go on a magic carpet ride = On the Sexual Offender list....check local website first
Outgoing = Loud and Embarrassing
Exceptional = Probably average at best
Look here! = You probably don't want to look there
Moved back after a long time = I'm 30 and I live with my parents
Voluptuous = Sex Change... Tranvestite
No Baby Mama Drama = Baby Mama Drama (Look out!)
I work at Budweiser = Un-employed
I like to watch movies = Can't dance to save my life
Out going, Independent Guy = Will not come home at night
looking for the ms right = Mr. Wrong
Adam looking for Eve = Bible Study begins at 8pm
Tall guy = Big Schlong
Sensitive Guy = Gay
I cried watching the movie "Titanic" = Gay
Searching for Treasure = "Let me guess it's around a female's chest!"
Smart and quiet guy = "One Day I will be the Uni-Bomber"....don't look in my basement
I love doing yoga and running with my dog = Really Really Really Gay
I don't have an intro line = Not very interesting
Soccer fanatic = White, preppy, possibly a snob
Has no shirt in online personal pic = I'm masterbating right now
Just want to meet good women = probably doesn't deserve one woman
A man seeking sexy playmate = Has a lot of $1 bills

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