Body Piercing Jokes

How did the blind woman pierce her ear?
Answering the stapler.

How do blondes pierce their ears?
They put tacks in their shoulder pads.

What do you call an actor that can put a hole in anything?
Pierce Brosnan.

How much do pirates charge to pierce someone's ears?
A buck an ear.

Why do blondes pierce their Belly Button?
Somewhere to hang the air freshener.

Oh you got your septum pierced, I didn't nose-tice.

This girl told me she got a nipple piercing.
I told her to prove it and she showed me the receipt.

When you get a body piercing, there are good news and bad news. The bad news is you will feel a little prick. The good news is it isn't mine.

Body piercers do it standing up.

Ditzy Young Woman
Young gal with flash and glitz and really large Bose head-phones on, walks into a tattoo parlor. "Do you take walk-ins?"
Tattooist, "Sure come on and have a seat in my chair. What did you need, today?"
Glitzy Gal, "I want another piercing on my upper earlobe?"
Tattoo Artist, "No problem, just put your headphones on the counter and I'll get started."
Gal, "OH NO I cannot take them off or I'll die!"
Tattoo Artist, "Ok, but I'll have to charge you extra for the inconvenience."
Little while later, the tattoo artist sees his client has apparently fallen asleep so he removes the headphones and starts piercing the girls ear.
Suddenly the girl slumps down in chair and slides to the floor!
The tattooist rushes to the client and checks and there is no pulse!
Not sure what to do, he picks up headphones and puts them on.
He hears "Breath In, Breath Out!"

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