Mortal Kombat Jokes

What do you call a Mortal Kombat character running for President?
Baraka Obama.

What does Liu Kang put in his beverages?
Just ice.

What did Sonya Blade say to D'Vorah?
Stop buggin me.

What is Johnny Cages favorite part of the joke?
The "punch" line!

Why did Bo' Rai Cho blow chunks all over the house?
He wasn't party trained.

Why does Sub Zero freeze people?
Because revenge is a dish best served cold.

What does a nordic priest sing?
Finnish Hymn.

What does Sub-Zero eat for breakfast?
Frosted Flakes.

What do you call a battle between Johnny and Cassie?
A cage match.

Why did Raiden have lightning bolts coming out of his head?
He was brainstorming.

What do you call Erron Blacks kid?
Son of a Gun.

What is D'Vorah's favorite animated movie?
The Secret Life of Pests.

What is Sub Zero's favorite movie?

Me: You know what's fun about being sober?
Bo' Rai Cho: Nothing.

Sub Zero: Knock Knock!
Scorpion: Who's There?
Sub Zero: Ice!
Scorpion: Ice who?
Sub Zero: Ice swear if you don't open the door, i'm going to break it down.

My neighbors were having loud sex, so in my best Mortal Kombat voice I said "Finish Her". They laughed and twenty minutes later he said "Round 2".

Yo momma so ugly that Scorpion said "stay over there".

I bet you Sub Zero wants Queen Elsa to "finish him".

I got into a battle with Raiden and I pulled out my 2-iron because not even god can hit a 2-iron.

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