Gossip Jokes

What are the three quickest ways of spreading a rumour (or gossip)? The internet, Telephone, Tell your mom.

Why was the well done steak a terrible gossip?
It wasn't juicy enough!

Where do chimps get their gossip?
On the ape vine!

Why is a reindeer like a gossip?
Because they are both tail bearers!

A boss told his secretaries to stop gossiping and get back to work.
To which one replied "We're not gossiping we're networking."

Rumors are worst than being robbed, because gossips steal another persons dignity.

Fishing Trip
Three priests are on a fishing trip.
One of them says "Since we are alone here with God, perhaps we can tell our greatest sins. This would relieve us and perhaps allow us to overcome our mistakes."
The other two agree, and one begins "I'm an alcoholic. Every Sunday, I look forward to the end of the sermon to go and drink my bottle of whiskey."
The second says "I love women. Every Sunday, I look forward to the end of Mass to go flirt a pretty young thing at the bar."
The third, the one who proposed the confession "I love gossip. And this Sunday, I can not wait to get back to town..."

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