Butler Jokes

What kind of jokes does a Butler tell?
Clean Jokes!

How does Batmans mother call him to dinner?
She doesn't they have a butler.

I've got a friend who has got a butler whose left arm is missing - serves him right. -Tim Vine

What does a rich guy say to the authorities?
"The butler did it."

Why did the butler wear two jackets while painting the house?
His boss said to put on two coats.

I am a Butler, what is your superpower?

My Butler has CDO, it's like OCD, but in the correct order.

Rich Lady
A rich lady calls her butler into her bedroom,
James, take off my dress
"Yes maam." (and takes off her dress)
Now take off my bra.
"Yes maam." (and does so)
Now my stockings
And now take off my panties and if I ever catch you wearing my clothes again you're fired!

Day Off
A butler recieved a call from his mother asking him to come home over the weekend.
The butler went to his boss and asked for a day off.
The man of the house said "We are very busy this weekend and I can't give you a day off"
The butler replied "Thanks, I knew I could count on you."

Cleaning Tools
A friend asks his rich friend "What are the cleaning tools of a butler?"
The rich boy says "A feather duster, a broom, and a bee."
The friend responds "A bee?"
The rich boy answers "Yes, if you get less than a B on your report card and you don't clean your room, the butler will tell your parents."

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