Botox Jokes

Why can't celebrities tell a joke?
Because all the botox keeps them from smiling!

What did the comedian say to the toad?
It's better to have laugh lines than worry worts.

What do you call a priest who never ages?
Orthobotox Catholic.

Why did the NBA Center get cosmetic surgery?
To lead the league in Botox (blocks).

Cosmetic surgery use to be a taboo subject, now when I mention botox no one raises an eyebrow.

Botox jokes never get old.

Yo mama's head is so wrinkled , she has to screw her hat on.

When your 70 years old your birthday suit needs regular ironing.

You look so alive, is it coffee or botox?

Will the use of botox ever be frowned on?

I don't have wrinkles. They are just smile lines.

Money can't make you look younger, unless you use it to buy botox.

"Injuries heal, but wrinkles are the scars of time." -Bauvard, The Prince Of Plungers

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