20 Blind Men Joke

Two fraud men go up to 20 blind men and say "Do you want to go on holiday?"
The blind men reply "yeah of course"
So the blind men give the fraud men �2000 each.
The fraud men drive them up to blackpool and put them on the beach, and then go to the pub,
Whilst there they think that the blind men are going to get bored.
So they buy them a ball and give it to them.
The blind men go "Whats this?"
"Its a ball," replies one of the fraud men
"Well we cant see it!"
The fraud men think shit what we gonna do, they spot a donkey with bells round its neck so they go and buy sum bells and wrap them round the ball, and then go back the pub.
Just then an old woman walks in and says "I tell you what the world today its demented"
"Why?" ask the fraud men.
"Because theres 20 blind men kicking shit through a donkey on the beach!"

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