Family Dinner Joke

A family is sitting at the dining table getting ready for a holiday feast and the son asks if he can ask a question.

Dad answers: "Yes, of course, just ask!"

The young man asks his dad, "Dad, how many varieties of breasts are there?"

His father is a little surprised, but answers: "Yes, my son, there are three varieties of breasts." At 20, the woman has breasts that are like melons, round and firm. "At 30 to 40, the breasts are still like pears but hanging a little, after 50, the breasts are like onions . "

"Onions?" asks the young man.

"Yes, if you see them, they make you cry!"

This misogynistic display has the mother and daughter seeing red.

So that the daughter asks: "May I ask a personal question, Mama, how many types of penises are there?"

Her mom is a little surprised, but then she looks at her husband and answers: "Yes, my daughter, a man goes through three stages: At age 20, the penis is like an oak, stately and hard At 30 to 40 years, the penis is like a birch, flexible but reliable, after 50 years the penis will look like a Christmas tree. "

"Christmas tree?" "Yes, dead from the root and the balls hang there just for decoration."

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