Eggnog Jokes

Why did the eggnog go to school?
To get "egg-u-cated"!

Who tells the best eggnog jokes?

What do you call good eggnog?

What happens when you drink too much eggnog?
You start singing kari-yolkie.

Why did the actors drink eggnog?
Because the scene required an egg-stra.

What happens when you bring the refreshments to a Christmas party?
Everyone gets egg-cited.

If I'm full of the holiday spirit, it's because I spiked my eggnog with rum.

If I share my eggnog that means you're "Egg-stra special" to me.

Keep Calm and Drink Eggnog.

Eggnog, when getting fat from eating food just isn't enough.

I don't celebrate Christmas but I am a devout eggnogstic.

Will Jog for Eggnog.

Don't Hog the Nog.

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