Door To Door Salesman Joke

A door-to-door salesman has had a really rough day and decided to try one more house before heading home.
He knocks on the door, determined to make a sale.
A small boy opens the door, and the salesman starts in with his sales pitch.
The boy stood there speechless, and the salesman, seeing that he wasn't getting anywhere, asked the boy where his mother was.
The boy didn't say a word and just pointed upstairs.
The salesman goes up the stairs, opens the bedroom door and finds the boy's mother in bed with a goat!!
Completely flabbergasted, the salesman slams the door shut and flies down the stairs.
He grabs the little boy by the shoulders and yells, "Do you know what's in bed with your mother? Do you know what they're doing? Doesn't this bother you?"
To which the little boy responded, "Na-a-a-a-a-a-a."

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