Cork In Pig Joke

One day, three scientists decided to conduct an experiment that nobody had ever tried before. They decided to leave a cork up a Pigs ass for 3 weeks and at the end of the three weeks they would take the cork out and see what happened.

Well, they noticed that after 1 week the pigs legs had turned blue, after 2 weeks its head turned blue and finally, after 3 weeks the entire pigs body had turned blue.
So one scientist said to another "i think it is time to remove the cork"

Well, those scientists set up a room so that the pig was at one end of the room, and the scientists were in a line behind it, like so:





And they got a monkey to take the cork out.
well, as you can imagine, when the hapless monkey took the cork out of the pigs ass, shit went everywhere.
The scientist at the back of the room was up to his knees in it, the scientist in the middle of the room was up to his chest, and they couldn't find the last scientist, so after searching around, they finally found him, and found him laughing hysterically.
"What is wrong with you?" one scientist asked. "You have just been buried alive in pig shit and you are LAUGHING!?"
The Third Scientist replied, between his laughter, "You should have seen the monkey trying to put the cork back in!"

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