Yo Sista Jokes

Yo sista so easy, she's the reason all of your friends are eskimo brothers.

Your sister is so hot, her bone structure is giving my "bone" structure.

Yo sista so easy, that Foursquare has made her vagina a place to "check in".

your sister is so ugly when she goes to the bank they turn off the surveillance cameras.

Your sister is so fit her abs belong on the cover of ESPN's Body Issue.

Yo sista's such a slut, she got her tubes tied and still got pregnant.

your sista got a credit card pussy, everybody swipe through it

Yo sista so fat the only way she burns calories is when her food catches on fire.

your sister is so ugly when she was born your mom said "what a treasure" and your dad said "yes lets bury it".

yo sista is a carpenters dream, she is flat and never been screwed

Your sister is so hot she's banned from National parks because she's the leading cause of wildfires.

Yo sista's legs are like the library, they're always open to the public.

Yo sista so stupid she made an appointment with Dr. Pepper.

Yo sistas like humpty dumpty first she gets humped then she gets dumped

Yo sister so fat, shes the reason London Bridge is falling down.

Your sister is so chatty when she signed into Skype it said "Error: Too Much Information"

Yo sisters so slutty, she interned for Bill Clinton

Yo sistas pussy is called Jasmine, because it's always got Aladdin

Yo sista so stupid she thought Hamburger Helper came with a friend.

your sister is so ugly you have to tie a sausage around her neck to get the dog to play with her.

Yo sista so fat she entered the Hunger Games and won all 75 of them.

Your sister is so hot, she doesn't need any sugar in her coffee cause she's got a pretty sweet ass.

If your sisters pussy had a password, it would be 1234.

Your sister is so fat, her Apple Watch is and iPad Pro on a rope.

Yo sista so stupid, she went in Dick's sporting goods and asked for dildos while naked.

Yo sistah so hot, if she was spaghetti I would want her to meat my balls.

your sister is so stupid she cut open a pineapple and said "Spongebob were are you?"

Yo sistah like a squirrel, she's always got some nuts in her mouth.

Yo sista so Stupid She Thought The X-box Live was a concert!!

your sister is so ugly the government moved halloween to her birthday.

Your sister is like a bowling ball..... round, heavy, and you can fit three fingers in.

Your sister so dumb she thought TuPac Shakur was a jewish holiday.

Your sisters legs are just like Librarys. They're always open to the public.

Yo sista so stupid she wouldn't buy a gameboy because she was a girl.

yo sista so chatty that your parents legally emancipated her the first chance they got.

Yo sista so mean that when she wears green people think she's the Incredible Hulk.

Yo sista so fat that when she took a selfie, Instagram crashed.

Your sister is so hot, Levi's should pay her ass a royalty.

Your sister is so stupid not even Google could translate her.

your sister is so ugly when she sits on the sand on the beach cats try to bury her.

You suck your sister does too but she charges

I shouldn't talk about your sister like that, because I never met her.....The line was too long.

yo sista so ugly her pillow cries at night.

Your sister and her friends are so stupid, people call them the blonde-tourage.

Yo sistah so fat she has two watches one for each time zone she's in.

Your sister is so dumb, she's the reason women only make 75 cents on the dollar.

Yo sista so stupid she thought Dunkin Donuts was a basketball team

Your sister is so hot, the entire basketball team wants to double team her.

Your sister so fat, everytime she walks she does the harlem shake.

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