Yo Mama Technology Jokes

Yo momma so ugly an uber driver would rather get 1-star review than pick her up.

Yo mama so fat that her only friend on Facebook is McDonald's.

yo mama so ugly when she used the kinect, Microsoft renamed it the dis connect

YO Mamma is so fat she needs Google Earth to see her ass.

Yo mama so stupid she took the computer to the doctor because it had a virus

Yo mama so fat and dumb that she deleted all the cookies on her computer because she wanted to loose weight.

Yo mama so fat, she subscribed to pewdiepie's YouTube channel and tried to eat it.

Yo mama so short she needs a backpack to carry her iPhone.

Yo momma so stupid she opened up her phone and it said Sprint and she started running.

Yo momma so fat and stupid, she tears apart computers looking for cookies.

Yo momma such a slut, she drives a Screw-ber.

Yo Mamma so dumb, she thought Spotify was a stain remover!

Yo momma so old, she tried to make a TikTok and broke her hip.

Yo Mama so stupid she went to the jewelry store to get a new ringtone.

Yo momma is so slutty, she is trending on Tinder.

Yo mama so ugly, when she played Minecraft all the enderman teleported away to another server.

yo mama is so stupid she returned her smartphone because she thought it was dumb.

Yo momma is so poor she created a gmail account just so she can eat the spam.

your mom is so stupid she thought she had to go to the dentists to get Bluetooth

Yo mama so tall when I reached the top of her I had full wifi bars.

Yo mama so ugly, Xbox Kinect rejected her.

Yo mama so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox Live

Yo momma so ugly that most Snapchat filters make her better looking.

Your momma so fat, her vibrator needs a gps....

Yo mama so stupid she thinks menopause is a button on a VCR

Yo mama is so fat that when she sat on my 3DS she turned it into a 2DS.

Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras

Yo mama so fat that when she took a selfie, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram crashed.

your mama so stupid its 2016 and she still has no clue how to use a computer or a car

Yo mamas so stupid that she bought curtains for her computer just because it had Windows

Yo mama so stupid she bought a solar-powered flashlight!

yo mama so fat she has the weight loss commercial for a ringtone

Yo momma is so fat she needs a GPS to find her belly button

Yo Mama is so ugly Snapchat filters don�t work on her.

Yo momma so fat Shutterfly doesn't have the technology to print a picture of her.

Yo mamma so fat, her baby photos were taken by a satellite.

Yo momma so dumb, when the doctor told her she had the coronavirus she bought a new laptop.

YO Mama so Fat, her Kik picture takes up the whole app.

Yo momma so mean she can't use the internet because of cyber bullying laws.

Yo momma so fat, she clogged the Dyson toilet.

Yo momma is so poor for Christmas she got a box, put two sticks on it, spun it and said son here's your Xbox 360

Yo mama is so stupid not even Google could translate her.

Yo mama so fat, her fingers are too fat for the iPad.

Yo mama so fat, when she auditioned for Star Trek she bent the space time continuum

Yo mama so stupid I told her to do the robot.....and now R2D2 has AIDS

yo momma so fat when she took a selfie it took 9 hours to post on instagram.

Yo mama so fat even Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction!

Yo mama so fat NASA has to orbit a satellite around her!

yo mamma so ugly her mom sms her goodnight

Yo mama is so stupid she thinks Google Fiber is something used for constipation.

yo momma so fat she blocks the WiFi signal

Yo mama so stupid she wouldn't buy a gameboy because she was a girl

You momma so dumb she got a papercut reading an ebook on her kindle.

Yo mama butts so big SpaceX is still trying to land a space ship on it.

Yo mama's so fat, when she went to the theaters everybody yelled, "Look King-Kong in 3-D!".

Yo mama so fat she uses Google Earth to take a selfie.

Yo mama so stupid when she found a groupon that said "50% OFF" she went looking for the other half.

yo mama so fat when she sat on my ipod and farted it turned into an I pad air!

Yo Mama so fat, that she gets free WiFi. Because she's already world wide

Yo mama so fat when she sat on my iPad she turned it into a Flat Screen TV!

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