Yo Mama So White Jokes

Yo mama's so white, she makes the Queen look like Queen Latifah.

Yo mama's so white, she could go to her wedding naked.

Yo Momma so white that when you turn off the lights you can still see her

Yo mama so white, she makes the Pillsbury Doughboy look like a Mexican!

Yo mama so white, you family wear shades indoors!

Yo mama so white, she gets a sunburn standing in front of the TV!

Yo mama's so white, she makes Michael Jackson look black.

yo mamma so white she makes vanilla ice cream say daaaamm!

Yo Momma So white, during winter she's invisible.

Yo Mama is whiter than Mitt Romney in a Snow storm

Yo mama so white Xbox Live wont let her play BLACK ops

Yo momma so white, she uses cocaine for makeup.

yo mama so white, people ask her if she's ascending to heaven.

yo mama so white she couldn't go shopping on BLACK friday.

Yo mama so white, Miley Cyrus said somebody sweep up the white trash

Yo mama so white she makes a marshmallow look tan.

yo mama so white I had to where shades during sex.

Yo mama so white she layed down on a bed and turned in to snow white.

Yo mama so white, old, and racist that she keeps asking you to track down her runaway slaves.

Yo mamas so white that the sun has to put on sun glasses...

Yo mama is so white, she blinded the angels.

yo mama so white when she went trick or treating everyone thought she was a ghost.

Yo momma so white, she can stand in front of a television and get a tan.

Yo mama is so white that back in the first grade the kids wrote all over her and when the teacher tried to grade yo mama he went blind

yo mama so white she makes the holy ghost say "Dayum"

Yo Mama so white she doesn't have a shadow.

Yo mama so white and fat, that she is often mistaken for the iceberg that sunk the titanic.

Yo mama so white when god said let there be light he could not see her.

yo momma so white she gets a tan from watching the microwave

Yo mama so white her nickname is "Whiteout" cause nothing is whiter than yo momma.

Yo Mama so white she blends in with the snow.

Yo mama so white, when I turned on the lights I couldn't see her!

Yo mama so white, she's in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the most racist person on the planet.

Yo mama is so light skinned, if you turn the lights on she would disappear!

Yo' momma so trashy, when someone asked her what sign she was born under, she replied "I-75, 6 miles".

yo mama so white when she sleeps with a black man they look like a ring yang

Yo Mama so white, she uses flour as makeup.

Yo momma so white when she holds a Persian cat all you can see is its eyes.

Yo mama so white she thought Malcolm X was a porno.

Yo Mama sooo damn white, When she took off her shirt at night, she got burned by the moon.

Yo momma so fat and white when she got hit by a monster truck She said "Who threw that rock?"

yo mamma so white when she puts on a white t-shirt, you cant tell where she starts and the shirt begins.

Yo Momma so white, that Charlie Sheen told her "The cocaine goes IN YOUR NOSE not all over your face genius"

Yo' mama so white, she makes Zooey Deschanel look like Oprah!

Yo mama so white, in art class, the art teacher tried to use her for an alabaster sculpture!

Yo Mama sooo white, when Eminem saw her he said "don't rap with me, go form a group with Vanillia Ice.

Yo mama's so old, white and racist she thought only white people lived in the white house

Yo momma so white, they use her in light houses to guide ships in at night!

Yo mama so white she gets sunburned by the moon.

Yo mama so blonde, I got a look at her minge and it burned my eyeballs off.

Yo momma so white, when she visited the whitehouse she got lost!

Yo momma so white that she got in the hot-tub and made creamer!

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