Yo Mama So Smart Jokes

Yo mama so smart people think she's half Asian.

Yo mama so smart she makes Macgyver look like the village idiot.

Yo momma so intelligent her brains are as big as her boobs.

Yo mama so smart she can install an operating system while putting on her makeup.

Yo momma so smart she said "Lets get High.........Grades on that test today."

Yo mama so intelligent, she's the only person that can talk down to Stephen Hawking.

Yo momma so smart she broke Ken Jennings record for being the "Worlds Biggest Smartass"

Yo momma so smart she got into a respectable college.

Yo mama's so smart she learned to rollover and beg in one day.

Yo mama so smart, Doctors let her second guess their diagnosis.

Yo mama so smart, she doesn't know the meaning of hard work because everything comes easy for her.

Yo Momma so smart, she went to Florida State and everyone thought she was a tourist.

Yo mama so intelligent, that people don't believe she is a blonde.

Yo momma so smart she wrote your grandaddy's thesis when she was a toddler.

Yo momma so smart, after I gave her my wifi password and a few balls of yarn, she made a million dollars on Etsy.

Yo mama's so smart, she got a PhD in Astrophysics from Oxford.

Yo Mama so smart Hermione just earned a troll grade for the WOMBAT exam.

Yo momma so smart and busy, she doesn't use big words because she doesn't have the time to explain it you again.

Yo mama so smart, no one bothers to argue with her because they know she's always right.

Yo mama is so well-respected within her profession that I bet she'll get another raise and promotion this year despite the downward trajectory of the economy.

Yo mama is so intelligent, that she knows yo mama jokes aren't funny.

Yo mama's so intelligent that she makes me feel inferior when I don't use words good.

Yo Mama's so wise, that Yoda texts her for advice.

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