Yo Mama So Nice Jokes

Yo mama so nice she'd give me the hair off her back.

Yo Momma's so nice that during the seventh inning stretch she sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" for both teams, so no one feels bad.

Yo mama's so loving that I wish she was my mama!

Yo mama's so nice, I gotta say it twice. ...She's NICE (nice).

Yo mama's so full of joy and cheer, she put the detergent industry out of business.

yo mama so generous that she sponsors children in Africa, Asia AND South America!

Yo mama's like a puppy... everybody wants to give her a hug.

Yo mama so nice that she donated a kidney to an orphan and saved his life.

yo mama so nice she gave me all of your birthday presents.

Yo momma so fat and jolly, a kid asked her if she ate Santa Clause.

Yo mama happier than a bus full of retards at Chuckie Cheese.

Yo momma is so sweet and thoughtful, I wish she was mine.

Your momma is so nice, she makes Martha Stewart look like a tool.

Yo momma so nice, she made protective face coverings for the entire neighborhood, and that's why they are all alive and well today.

Your mama so cute and cuddly cats share pics of her.

Your Momma so nice that she rarely, if ever makes fun of your weight.

Yo Momma so fat, she had a nice personality, but ate it.

Yo momma so nice, you should appreciate all the things she does for you.

Yo mama's so enjoyable she like a hug wrapped in laughter wrapped in a magic show wrapped in a delicious chicken burrito.

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