Yo Mama So Mean Jokes

Yo mama so mean the only letters of the alphabet she knows is PMS.

Yo mamma so mean, your bath toys were an iron and a toaster.

Yo mama so mean they don't give her happy meals at McDonalds.

Yo momma so fat and mean, she ate Mr. Grouper and made the Bubble Guppies cry.

Yo mama so mean I added her name in a text and it auto corrected to bitch.

Yo mamma so mean she drinks a bottle of your tears.

Yo mama so mean that Taylor Swift wrote a song about her.

Yo momma so mean she takes more steroids than A-Rod, just to give you a proper whopping.

Yo mama so fat and mean that her only friend on Facebook is McDonald's.

Yo mama so mean she told your friends at school you had lice, when you wouldn't rub her hairy feet.

Yo mamma so mean even Simon Cowell is afraid to say anything bad about her.

Yo mama so mean that when she wears green people think she's the Incredible Hulk.

Yo momma so mean that Ramsey Bolton is her son.

Your mama is so mean, the devil gave her soul back!

Yo mama so mean that she makes Regina from "Mean Girls" look like a sweetheart.

Your mama's so fat and mean when scientists found her swimming they thoought they discovered the first megladon!

Yo MaMa such a bitch she makes Nancy Grace look like Mary Poppins.

yo mama so old and mean, she is the original Angry Bird.

yo momma so mean she tells yo mommma jokes to orphans.

yo mama so mean she makes the wicked witch of the west look like Glinda the Good Witch!

Yo mama so mean, even Pennywise, the dancing clown from IT would run away!!

Yo momma so mean she can't use the internet because of cyber bullying laws.

Yo mamma so mean, she scare the shit out of the litter box.

Yo mama so fat and mean the only nice thing she ever had to say was "I love chicken".

Yo mamas such a bitch the devil wouldn't let her go to hell and Jesus made her live forever.

Yo Mama so mean the only place she visited was the principle Office.

Yo momma so mean she gives Freddy Kreuger nightmares!

Yo mama so mean that the only letters of the alphabet she knows are FU

Yo mama so mean I was looking up the definition for "bitch" and found her name

Yo mama so mean, that Regina from "Mean Girls" is her sister.

Yo mamas such a bitch that Gordon Ramsey didn't even like her.

Yo Ma Ma such an Inconsiderate, Self Centered, irresponsible slut, while living in Salinas, after her fiancée left her at the alter, she walked out on her kids and moved back in with her ex-boyfriend out in Santa Rosa.

Yo mamas such a bitch that she tells you shes teaching you a life lesson, but the real lesson is stay away from yo momma.

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