Yo Mama So Hot Jokes

Yo Mama so hot she's banned from National parks because she's the leading cause of wildfires.

Yo mama so hot she doesn't know what it's like to pay for anything.

Yo mama so hot, she should sell hotdogs, because she already knows how to make a weiner stand.

Yo mama so hot, she doesn't need any sugar in her coffee cause she's got a pretty sweet ass.

Yo mama so sexy, she needs an inhaler, cause she's got that ass ma!

Yo momma so hot all the neighborhood boys bought her yoga pants for Christmas.

Yo momma so gorgeous, if she was a washing machine, I would put my dirty load inside her.

Yo mama so hot, her bone structure is giving my "bone" structure.

Yo mama such a hot blonde, her eyes are bluer than Heisenberg's crystal!

Yo mama so finger lickin good, she put KFC out of business.

Yo momma so hot, she's like a dictionary and I want her to blow my mind.

Yo mama so hot, if she was spaghetti I would want her to meat my balls.

Your mama is so hot, that even Donald Trump tried to date her.

Your mama so fine, she makes my testicals do the macarena.

Yo mama so hot she can fart in my mouth and I would hold it like a bong hit.

Yo mama so hot, Levi's should pay her ass a royalty.

Yo Mama is so hot she gave everyone in One Direction, one erection

Yo momma so hot she Makes Curves Great Again.

Yo mama so hot everyone thinks her instagram is photoshopped.

Yo momma is a tall glass of water. And im telling youuuu str8 up im thirsty.

Yo mama so hot, yo daddy became an astronaut because she wanted someone "out of this world".

Yo mama so fine, when god made her the other angels got jealous.

Yo mama so hot she made the sun melt!

Yo momma so hot everyone wants to know the name of her plastic surgeon.

Yo mama so pretty you didn't read this joke.

yo mama so hot when yo daddy called the fireman, they couldnt put her out.

Yo momma so hot she's the reason all your friends are eskimo brothers.

Yo mama is so hot, everytime we meet I need a cold shower.

Yo mama must be a parking ticket because she got fine written all over her.

Yo mama so hot her address is the middle of the equator.

Yo mama so hot I get a suntan just by looking at her.

Yo mama is so hot, she made Beyonce jealous and now everyone knows she is Becky with the good hair.

Yo momma is so hot it's impossible for her to make an ugly face.

Yo mama so hot, the fire department sprays her with a hose during bath time.

Yo mama so hot that she would make a nuclear reactor melt down.

Yo momma so hot she makes the devil sweat.

Yo mama so hot every time she walks pass a guy they end up with heartburn.

Your mama is so hot, the day after she joined instagram she had more followers than Amanda Cerny.

Yo mama so hot she doesn't need to pass gas discretely.

When yo momma is at the beach and decides to get out of the water, no guys get out, because they are hiding their boners!

Yo mama so hot her abs belong on the cover of ESPN's Body Issue.

Yo mamma so fine all your friends ask her for a glass of MILF.

Yo mama so sweet she's giving me a toothache.

Yo mama so hot she made Jesse Katsopolis say "Have Mercy!"

Yo momma so hot she makes the rocket in my pants blast off!

Yo mama is so hot, I had to wear sunglasses just to look at her.

Yo momma so hot, she was the original "Hot Mom Check" on TikTok.

Yo mama's so hot when she uploaded a nude pic of herself, she literally broke the internet.

Yo mama so hot I can't even look at her because she burns my eyes.

Yo mama so hot, yo daddy must need oven mitts.

Yo momma so hot, the entire basketball team wants to double team her.

I bet your mama knows karate cause her body is kickin.

Yo mama is so hot, yo daddy got third degree burns when they tried to smash.

Yo mamas last name must be pepper cause she's SMOKIN!

Yo mama so hot, even the pastor said she's "Some of the lords best work".

Yo mama so fine, a painting of her sleeping is in the Louvre, and its called "Beauty In Repose".

Yo momma so hot, that your daddy must be the luckiest man alive.

Yo mama so hot, that guys need sunglasses just to check her out.

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