Yo Mama So Dirty Jokes

Yo mama so dirty she has to creep up on bathwater.

Yo mama so dirty she makes mud look clean.

Yo mama so dirty that she was banned from a sewage facility because of sanitation worries!

Yo mama so dirty that you can't tell where the dirt stops and she begins.

Yo Mama's so dirty, she's got more clap than an auditorium.

Yo mama so dirty she brings crabs to the beach.

Yo Mama's so dirty, she has more crabs then Red Lobster.

Yo Mama's so dirty, she made Right Guard turn left.

Yo Mama's so dirty, she went swimming and made the Dead Sea.

Yo Mama's so dirty, a skunk smelled her ass and passed out.

Yo mama so dirty and smells so bad, she was entered in the hunger games and won within 30 seconds

Yo mama is like a hockey player, she only showers after three periods.

Yo Momma so dirty, she uses Dr. Scholl Odor Eaters for panty liners.

Your mama is so dirty, that her cat got crabs instead of fleas.

Yo mama is so dirty a drop of dawn and yo mom is gone

Yo mama so dirty, she is cleaner after a mud bath.

Yo mama is so dirty, her house became insect AND pesticide-free.

Yo mama so dirty I went to her house and got robbed by a rat, raped by a roach, and sat on a old piece of bread!

Yo Mama's so dirty, the roaches wrote her an eviction notice.

Yo momma so dirty she spent a Night at the Museum and archaeologists needed to unearth all the artifacts.

Yo mama so nasty her breath smells like donkey sex.

Yo mama so dirty she went to your school and the principal dropped out

yo mom so dirty the monster under the bed screamed

yo mama so dirty and smell so bad, when she walks in to a shop everything turns black.

Yo mommas so dirty she brings crabs to the beach

Yo mama so dirty the dirt on the ground look better than her

yo mamma is so dirty her radio plays only one song Chamillionaires "Ridin Dirty"

Yo mama so dirty I told her to do the robot.....and now R2D2 has AIDS

Yo mama so dirty when she took a deuce she got arrested for killing her toilet

Yo Mama so dirty she got fungi under her wrinkles.

Yo mama so dirty third world countries eat the cheese from the crack of her ass

Yo momma so dirty when she jumped into the ocean they accused BP of another oil spill.

Yo mama so dirty that even a car wash can't clean her

yo mama so dirty scrubbing bubbles cant clean her

Yo Mama so dirty her breath stinks worse than my shits.

Your mother is so dirty that even her crabs have lice.

Yo Mama so dirty mosquitoes throw up after biting her.

Yo mama so dirty she carries a hornet nest in her purse

Yo Mama So Dirty, Everytime She Talked, Her Breath Said, "Run N****!"

Yo Mama So Dirty, that when terrorists kidnapped her, the CIA was afraid ISIS acquired a biological weapon.

Yo mama's house is so dirty, Stanley Steamer could get her house cleaner

Yo mama so dirty when she walk down the street poor people offer her soap

Yo momma so diabetic and has so much gingivitis she drinks water and spits fruit punch.

Yo mama so dirty when she wash up her water look like chocolate

Yo Mama's so dirty, I asked her where the junk yard was and she said your looking at it

Yo mama is so dirty that people use her bath water as a chemical weapon!

Yo Mama So dirty She Make Right Guard Turn Left, Secret Tell It All, And Speed Stick Slow Down!

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