Yo Mama So Crazy Jokes

Yo momma so crazy I asked her if she liked Star Wars and she told me she has a vibrating light saber under her bed!

Yo momma so paranoid she knows more about your girlfriend than you do.

Yo mama so crazy she tried to screw the ATM to get money.

Yo momma so crazy I saw her on a wanted poster at the post office.

Yo mama so paranoid she did a background check on all of your friends.

Yo mama so paranoid she double checks your doctor on WebMD during the appointment.

Yo momma so ignorant she thinks all black people can play basketball.

Yo mama so paranoid she checks your girlfriends for breast cancer.

Yo mamma so crazy she tried to put a Happy Meal on layaway.

Yo momma so crazy doctors readjust her meds on a daily basis.

Yo mama so crazy she created a gmail account just so she can eat the spam.

Yo mama is so crazy not even Google could translate her.

Yo mama so crazy she disses her kids with Yo mama Jokes.

Yo mama so crazy when I asked her why she likes to smell her own farts for. She replied "Because im addicted to crack."

Yo mama so crazy, whenever she goes running she takes the psycho-path.

Yo momma so paranoid, she is a serial killer in disguise.

Yo momma is such a scaredy cat she walks down the hall with a BB gun in her hands.

Yo mama so crazy she went to the library to find Facebook.

Yo mama so crazy she thought TuPac Shakur was a Jewish holiday.

Yo mama so paranoid, when playing Monopoly, before passing go, she stops and looks both ways.

yo momma so crazy she put paper on the TV and called it paper view.

Yo momma so crazy she walks around in a strait-jacket.

Yo mamma so crazy she allowed the priest to give you a prostate exam.

Yo momma so crazy when she wanted to fight, she said "It's me, myself, & I against you. Its 3 of us & 1 of you".

your momma so crazy she has a beehive in her weave.

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