Yo Mama Science Jokes

Yo mama so fat she has mass whether the Higgs Boson exists or not.

Yo mamas glasses so thick she can see past the horizon line of a black hole

Yo momma so fat her nickname is the "Big Bang" because we only have theories as to what created her.

Yo mama so stupid she swallowed a magnet because she wanted to be more attractive.

Yo mama so fat when she was diagnosed with a flesh eating disease, the doctors gave her 10 years to live!

Yo momma conforms to Planck's law. The greater the frequency with which she screws, the more energetic she gets.

Your mom is a convenient proof that the universe is still expanding exponentially

Yo momma so fat, she almost turned gummy bears into an endangered species.

Yo mama is so stupid, her exchange particle is a "moron"

Yo momma so fat, scientists at Cal Tech called her Planet Nine.

Yo mama so fat that when she did a belly flop, they found water on Mars.

The moon rotates around the Earth, the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Sun rotates around your Mom!

Yo mama so fat, when she auditioned for star trek she bent the space time continuum

Yo mama is so large that, in theory, she can see the universe dying around her.

Yo momma so fat that scientists call her mother earth

Yo mama is so massive that the gravitational lensing effect is so great around her that a light beam passing within 1 AU has a radius of curvature of 6E9 meters!

Yo mama so fat, Matthew McConaughey went interstellar around her black ass.

Yo Mama so old she remembers her ears ringing from the Big Bang.

yo mama so smelly when she farts people accuse her of global warming

Yo Momma so fat she use a round pizza box for a diaphram.

Your mom is so fat, the Hubble telescope took a picture of her not on Earth but on the opposite point of the universe.

Yo momma such a smart ass she threw her watch out the window, just to see if it could intelligently evolve into a bird.

Yo Mama is so fat, she created a black hole because she has attained infinite mass.

Yo momma is so fat, she sneezes meteorites.

Yo mama is so ugly that when scientists saw her, they labeled her a biohazard.

Yo mama is so fat, that when she went to space, Jupiter became one of her moons.

Yo momma so dirty she spent a Night at the Museum and archaeologists needed to unearth all the artifacts.

Yo momma so fat, that one side of her lives in a parallel universe.

You're momma is so fat she used saturns rings for a hoola hoop and golf with its moons

Yo mama is such a slut that around her electrons have a positive charge.

Yo mama is so fat, NASA qualified her as a planet

You mama so dumb she failed her blood test

Yo mama so hairy she is a failed experiment in mutation.

Yo mamas so fat when she went to space there was no space left.

Yo mama so fat that she would have been in E.T., but when she rode the bike across the moon, she caused an eclipse.

Yo mama so fat her DNA is DRO (for Dorito)

Yo mama so fat that, inside her is a galaxy!

Yo mamma so hairy when she went to a zoo she was placed behind bars and was classified as an endangered species.

Yo mama so fat that when she was born the doctors had to give her a pregnancy test!

Yo momma so fat that she has a gravitational pull

Yo Mama's so nasty, she has a sign by her private parts that says: "Warning: May cause irritation, drowsiness, and a rash or breakouts."

Your mom's so fat that she called a group of scientists to calculate the amount of chins she has.

Yo mama so poor a tornado hit your house and did 10,000 dollars worth of improvement

Yo mama so fat the Hubble telescope thought she was Jupiter

Yo mama's butt is so fat the moon says stop stealing my job.

Yo momma so fat, everytime she goes swimming in the ocean, The National Tsunami Warning Center issues an alert.

Yo momma so fat, she uses Jupiter as a basketball

Your mom is so ugly, she is the reason for Big Bang because she scared away the particles.

Your mom is so fat, the NASA ordered her to clean up the satellite junks floating above.

Yo momma so fat Nasa though they found a second moon

Yo mama so fat when she did a cannonball, the national weather service declared a flash food warning.

Yo Mama so fat she skinny cause' she collapsed like neutron star

Yo momma so fat, NASA's looking at her through a telescope wondering if it can support life!

Yo mamma so fat she could not be stretched by a black hole

yo mama so stupid she threw anti-freeze in the air because she wanted it to be summer

Your mom is so fat, even all dark matter from space is falling into her right now.

Yo Mama so stupid, the only reason your alive is because she thought absorbine jr was a contraceptive

Your mom is so fat, when all the planets got aligned, she played hopscotch on them, starting from the sun.

Yo mama so fat NASA uses her farts for rocket fuel

Yo mama so short, she changed micro particles in to macro particles.

Yo momma so stupid she went to the dentist to get Bluetooth.

Yo Mama is so fat, she clogged up a black hole

yo mama so fat when a meteor hit her she said who thew that pebble.

yo momma so that archaeologists found ancient pottery in her vagina

Yo momma, so fat that everytime she takes a step the Earth's orbit changes

yo mamas so dumb she went to the beach to surf the internet

Your mamas so fat einstien based the black hole theory on her Ass hole

Yo mamma so stupid, when she went to Hollywood, to meet the stars, she brought a Telescope with her".

Yo mama so fat, she cant float, even in space!

yo mama so dumb even Albert Einstien couldn't tutor her

yo mama's so fat scientists thought Jupiter was her brother.

Yo mama so stupid, when she ran out of gas, she walked to the nearest Mexican Restaurant and all the Beans she could handle.

yo mama is so fat when she was in outer space she had more gravitational pull than all the planets combined.....

Yo mama so dumb she bought a solar-powered flashlight!

Yo mama so greasy, I used her as an example to explain the drag coefficient of objects moving through a vacuum (9.8 m/s^2)

Yo mamas so fat when she went into space there was no space left.

Yo mama's so flat, people ask if she's from the second dimension.

Yo Mama So Dumb, she studied for her pharmacy exam by taking ALL the drugs!

Yo mama so nasty I called her to say hello, and she ended up giving me an ear infection.

Yo mama is fat that scientists are worried she's helping the earth become a black hole.

your mom is so stupid she thought she had to go to the dentists to get Bluetooth

Yo momma is so massive that scientists have now determined she is the reason why the moon is attracted to Earth.

Yo mama so fat, she did a belly flop and 2 weeks later they found water on Mars.

Yo momma so fat when she bent over people thought she was the full moon.

yo mama so fat Steven Hawking based his black hole theory on her ass crack.

You mama so fat she needs longitude and latitude lines to find her own asshole!

Yo mama so fat she has her own ozone layer

Yo mama so fat scientists divided her in eight hemispheres.

Yo mama so fat that she plays hopscotch like this: "Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune"

Yo mama's so stupid that she took her computer to the doctor cause it had a virus!

Yo mama so small that she can be only seen through an electron microscope.

Yo mama so fat when she went free falling from the International Space Station, NASA thought she was an asteroid.

Yo momma is so fat, when she falls down it connects North and South America

yo mamas so fat stephen hawwkings based his theory of black holes on her ASSHOLE

Yo mama so fat that when she wore a Blue dress people thought the sky was falling.

Your mama is so fat when we went on the weight scale It showed the Infinity sign.

Yo mama is so dumb she got awarded the nobel prize for stupidity.

your mama is so dirty, when she farted in the liquor store, the CDC came and quarantined everybody.

Yo mama so fat, she eats soup with the Big Dipper.

Yo momma so old, she has to see a DINOcologist.

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