Yo Mama Math Jokes

The limit of your mom's ass goes to infinity.

(Yo mama) + (Your Dad) + (Your Dog) = You

If we were to code your mom in a C++ function she would look like this: double mom (double fat){ mom(fat);return mom;}; //your mom is recursively fat!

Let ym = Yo mama. ym/sex = 0.

Yo Mama So Fat when she stepped on the scale, it read pi without a decimal.

Yo mama is such a slut that around her electrons have a positive charge.

Suppose your mom is skinny, then there exists a domain her ass fits in. Contratradiction, hence she has a huge ass.

your mom = x/0 for every x in your mom.

The infinite series of your mom from 0 to infinity is strictly diverging.

Yo mama so fat, the only math symbol she knows, is PI.

Yo mama's so silly, she thought the quadratic formula was (-b +/- sq(b^2 - 4ac)) / 2aM

Yo mama is like a protractor.....good at every angle.

Yo momma is so square, she's got imaginary numbers on her social security card.

Yo momma conforms to Planck's law. The greater the frequency with which she screws, the more energetic she gets.

The long double numeric variable type in C++ is insufficient to express the weight of Yo mama.

The mass of Yo mama at rest is approximately equal to that of a neutron star traveling at (1-(10^-1000))c.

(vector(me)){{dot}}(vector(YourMom)) = ||vector(Me)|| * ||vector(YourMom)||

Yo mama's muscle to fat ratio can only be explained in irration complex numbers.

Your mom is a convenient proof that the universe is still expanding exponentially

Yo mama is so fat that she can theoritically eat as much as she wants and can't get any fatter or she would create a spinning vortex and engulf herself.

Yo mama is so fat that she overloads her own free functions.

If your mom was a polar solute then intelligence would be a non-polar solvent.

yo mama so fat... her dress size includes an exponent.

If we were to put the fat content your mom through SPSS, the findings would show the distribution would be highly leptokutotic.

Yo mama is so fat that the coefficient of friction between her and her surroundings is greater than static, rolling, or kinetic friction.

Yo mama is such a ho even the noble gases are attracted to her.

Yo mama is such a slut, she asked all the math majors to to figure out g(f(your mom)) just so they could "f" her first.

(M+D)x2 = Yo mama [let M equal Mailman and D equal Next Door Neighbor's Dog (it took two tries)]

Yo mama is so stupid, when I asked her how to get to engeering from bridge using jeffory tube, she said:" Jeffory tube145a, Jeffory tube178a, Jeffory tube110d, Jeffory tube169b." infact it should be jeffory tube145b, jeffory tube187a, jeffory tube111d,..

Yo mama is so fat that you can't hear her abdominal aorta aneurysm with a duplex dopler.

Yo mama is so ugly, that Pythagorean wouldn't touch her with a 3-4-5 triangle!!!

Yo mama is so dumb that she tried to minimize a 12 variable function to a minimal sum of products expression using a karnaugh map instead of the Quine-McCluskey Algorithm.

Yo mama is so fat, the recursive function computing her fatness causes a stack overflow.

Yo mama is so stupid, her exchange particle is a "moron"

The shortest distance between your mom and any given person is 50 cents.

Your mom is a polygon with unlimited sides

Yo mama is dumb that she can't even solve a second-order non-homogeneous differential equation!

y=mx+b, times 3, so that is the equation for your mom on a stick, twirling around!

The only way to get from point A to point B is around your mom's fat ass.

There are three types of people in this world : those who can count, and your mom.

Yo mama's mass is so huge, that considering 2Mm/r^2 is not even worth considering.

Yo Mamas so fat that on a calculator I typed in 0.00000000000000000000 and it said that's yo mamas chance of losing weight

The 3 basic mathematical formats are a point, a line and your mom!

Yo mama is so dense she refracts light

Yo mama has a gravitational pull equal to that of the Sun.

The moon rotates around the Earth, the Earth rotates around the Sun and the Sun rotates around your Mom!

Yo mama is so large that, in theory, she can see the universe dying around her.

Yo mama is like a Mandlebrot set; She contains an infinite number of Julia sets.

Yo mama is so stupid, you told her Pi * r^2 and she said no, they're round.

if ($your_mom eq "fat") { $slutty = "yes"; } else { $slutty = "dog"; }

Yo mama is like a converging lens; wider in the middle than on either of the ends.

Yo mama is so massive that the gravitational lensing effect is so great around her that a light beam passing within 1 AU has a radius of curvature of 6E9 meters!

Yo mama is so obtuse, they taught about her in geometry.

yo mama's so old she used to babysit Pythagoras.

Yo mamas glasses so thick she can see past the horizon line of a black hole

Yo mama's mass to volume ratio is such that she is able to float in a area of pure nitrogendioxide.

The topology of your mom is very complicated: it involves surfaces which fold back on themselves.

The volume of your mom is an improper integral.

The integral of your mom is fat plus a constant, where the constant is equal to more fat.

The derivative of your mom is strictly positive

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