Yo Mama Comic Book Jokes

Yo mama so ugly she is the reason why Batman wears black.

Yo mama so ugly she made the Joker stop laughing

Yo Mama's so fat, it took Thanos two snaps to kill her.

Yo momma so old she knew Nick Fury when both of his eyes worked.

Yo mama so stupid she made an appointment with Dr. Doom

Yo mama so ugly when she puts on her Superman costume people yell out Bizzaro.

Yo Mama so short she became a sidekick to Ant-Man

Yo mama so fat when she joined the Avengers, she destroyed New York City.

Yo mama so stupid she thought Captain America was an American sailor

Yo momma so ugly she put Deadpool to shame.

Yo mama so fat Thanos had to snap twice.

Yo Mama's farts are so toxic when she farted The Multiverse exploded.

yo mama so fat that Nightcrawler cant teleport to the other side of her.

Yo mama so old she knew Captain America before he was frozen in a glacier

Yo mama is so fat, when the Flash tried to run around her, he died before he could even get halfway.

yo mama so ugly when she joined the Legion of doom Lex Luthor made her leader which the justice league could not help

Yo mama so ugly her blood is the main ingredient in Kryptonite

Yo momma so ugly she's the reason way Dr. Doom wears a mask.

Yo mama so mean that when she wears green people think she's the Incredible Hulk.

yo mamas so ugly she scared the colossal titan (Attack on Titan).

Yo mamma so fat, that the backstory of DeadPOOL was when she jumped into my pool!

Yo mama so dumb she called Spiderman for pest control.

Yo momma so mean, Bruce Banner turns green just thinking about her.

Yo mamma so fat that even Superman couldn't pick her up.

Yo mama so ugly, not even Harley Quinn can laugh about it.

Yo Mama so strong she makes The Thing look like Nothing.

Yo mama so fat that only Richie Rich could pay for her lipo-suction operation.

Yo mama so stupid she thought Ultron was a new security system.

Yo mama so fat the Flash died running around her.

Yo momma so big that even the Hulk couldn't smash her

Yo mama so nasty she's not even allowed to look at Thor's hammer.

Yo mama so fat, the Flash died trying to run around her.

Yo mama so short even Ant man can't even see her.....

Yo momma so strong, that DC Comics wanted her to be Wonder Woman.

Yo mama is so stupid she went to the super market to see Superman

Yo mama so fat she ate the entire Green Lantern corp.

Yo Mama so thick and nasty she pays wolverine to scratch her back.

Yo mama so nasty she once farted near bane and he wore a mask for the rest of his life.

Yo Mamma so strong that she can pick up Thor's hammer!

Yo mama so dumb she called Tony stark to iron her pants.

Yo mama so fat she broke captain america's shield by sitting on it.

Yo momma so fat that she ate all six Infinity Stones and none of the Avengers could find them.

Yo momma so fat, that Mr. Magoo has her step on a scale every time he forgets his phone number.

Yo momma so ugly she's the reason Nick Fury only has one eye.

Yo momma such a slut she had a threeway with "The Tick" and "Swamp Thing".

Yo momma so ugly even Daredevil can see her coming a mile away.

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