Yo Daddy Jokes

Yo daddy dick so small he put it in yo mama, she said is it in yet.

yo daddy is so dumb when your mama ran inside and said it was chili outside and your daddy ran out with a bowl.

Yo daddy so gay. I called him a fag and he chased me wit his purple purse.

Yo daddy dick so little if your mom was an ant she still couldn't play with it.

Yo daddy so dumb when he jump the fence the gate was open!

Yo mama so ugly that yo daddy's breath smells like shit cause he'd rather kiss her ass.

Yo daddy so old he had to stick his dick in the freezer to get a hard-on.

Yo daddy so dumb he ran into a park car!

Yo daddy is so bald that I used his head as a mirror!

Yo Daddy so bald... Ohh wait that's yo mama.

your grandpaw is so old he needs a nutsack defibulater to bust a nut!

Yo daddy so dumb that when he personally wanted to cut your ubilical chord he cut your penis instead

Yo daddy so gay. I called him a homosexual and he chased me wit his man purse.

Yo daddy so black when he got out the car the oil light came on

Yo daddy so bald his hairline is like the McDonalds sign.

Your papas head is so wrinkled it could be confused for a maze.

yo mama's vagina is so big yo daddy had to have penis enlargment

Yo Mama so ugly, yo daddy first saw her at the zoo.

yo daddy so short they accused him of raping ants

Yo daddy dick so small when I licked it, it disappered.

your daddy is so bald, when God said let there be light it shined of your daddy's forehead into his eyes, God asked him to turn away..... we call that night.

yo dad is so smart he went to Jupiter to get more stupider and when he came back he was the dumbest person in the universe

Yo daddy so gay he sat on a cherrio and turned it into a Fruit-Loop

Your dads dick is so small he has to use a microscope and a pair of pliers to wank

Yo daddy so FAT that his dick got rolls.

Yo mama and daddy so black that your family pictures look like ultrasounds

Yo daddy so hairy, that you need a lawn mower for his back

Yo daddy so gay when he ran out side yo mamma said "Is that my purse or yours?"

yo daddy so fat the police called him "Fat Albert"

Yo daddy so fat people need a GPS to find their way around him.

Yo daddy suffers from dick-do disease. His stomach stick out further than his dick-do.

Yo daddys penis is so small yo mamma called him a pussy

yo daddy's nuts are so small, squirrels dont even want them!

yo daddy is so stupid, he sold his car for some rims.

Yo Mama is so DUMB, she gave yo daddy a blow job, to help him out with his unemployment!

Yo momma so fat. Yo daddy no longer finds her attractive and its destroying their marriage.

Yo daddy so fat and ugly when he plays Mortal Kombat, Scorpion said "Stay over there"

Yo Mama so fat and old when she stumbled and rolled down the hill yo daddy filed a patent for the wheel.

yo momma so black. yo daddy decided to use her as charcoal for the fire

yo daddy so big he walked up to a chair and the chair moved itself

yo daddy so old I asked him about his car and he said he has the stone wheel.

yo daddy so Dumb, when he saw a sign, MASSAGE 60 min. $20 he asked,"Does that include Head"?

yo daddy is like cement he takes 2 days 2 get hard

Yo daddy so ugly that when he went into the store people asked him is he an animal or a person.

Yo daddy is so square, that Spongebob Squarepants jealous

Your father's a superhero...they call him Super Stupid.....he flies backward. Punches old ladies in the mouth and gives crooks the purses.

yo daddy head so small when he put on a brown turtle neck he looks like an infected penis.

Yo daddy so hairy Bigfoot is takes his picture!

Yo Daddy is like an arcade game, when you give him a quarter he lets you play with his joy stick.

Yo daddy is so fat that someone told him a knock knock joke about his balls and he said sorry I didn't recognise them.

yo daddy so fat he got baptized at sea world

Yo Daddy so stupid he thought he thought Fruit Punch was a gay boxer.

Yo daddy is so black he makes Snoop Dog look like Mitt Romney

yo daddy dick is so small when he is jacking off he wonders where it is

yo daddy so fat and ugly dat he got ready to sit on the chair and the chair almost fainted

Yo daddy so old he left his wallet on Noahs Ark

Yo daddy so ugly that he is the sole reason Sonic the Hedgehog runs so fast.

your daddy so gay, I called him a homo and he started chasing me with a pink dildo

yo daddys head is so bald when he puts on a turtle neck sweater he look like a broken condom.

Yo daddy so ugly when he was little, Jerry Sandusky wouldn't mentor him.

yo daddy so gay that when Ronald McDonald did him in the booty he said I AM LOVING IT!

your daddy is so old he had to go to madusa to get his dick hard

Yo' Daddy's SO gay, he's like a shotgun... Two cocks and he blows!

ya daddy is so fat that ya mom said why you pregnant.

yo daddy so stupid, when someone says "come here" he starts to masturbate.

yo daddy so gay he jumped off the porch and a rainbow popped out his butt and he yelled sprinkles

Yo daddy so wrinkly that when he fell in a raisin factory, the workers said "Look we dropped a raisin."

Yo daddy is so stupid, it took him a few hours to watch 60 minutes

Your dads dick is so hairy when he fucked your mom she got rug burn

yo daddy so skinny when we play hide and go seek he can hide behind a twig

Yo mama & daddy so black the dark side of the moon got jealous

Yo daddy so fat he spends a lot of time in the kitchen..... not cooking.

yo daddy so gay he farts rainbows and looks like a pink pop tart.

Yo daddy so fat when I pulled up to the border patrol in Mexico they said I had to go to the truck weigh-in station.

Yo daddy's penis so small yo mom thought she was a lesbian

What do you call a dick with no hair?....Yo Daddy.

Yo daddy's dick is so big, it gave yo mama a "hard attack".

Yo daddy so fat, when he bought tickets for the titanic, he survived because he couldn't fit on the ship!

Yo daddy dick so small yo momma tried to suck on it and all she got was air

Yo daddy so poor that he had to pay a $2 morgage on his cardboard box

YO daddy so smelly when he laid down on his bed it said "What the fuck are you doing on me?"

Yo daddy so damn stupid when yo momma said fuck me silly and make it hurt he put on a clown suit and hit her with a brick

Yo Daddy so stupid he put a piece of paper on the tv so he can watch paperview.

Last night I saw Yo Daddy jerking off into a paper bag, when I asked him what he was doing he said he was packing your lunch.

There woudn't be the swine flu if yo daddy treated your mama better

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