Circumcised Boy Joke

A young 7 year old boy wanted to be circumcised when he realized he looked different than dad and his friends.
A day after the proceedure he returned to school. During class, he felt under the weather and asked for permission to go to the nurse.
When he arrived at her office, he hesitated and finally just asked if he could call his mother.
Sensing this was personal, the nurse stepped into the hall and closed the door to allow him privacy.
Several minutes later the little boy came out of her office and the nurse noticed his penis was sticking out of his pants. "Where are you going?" she asked.
"Back to class," said the boy.
"But you can't go back like that!" explained the nurse.
"I have to," stressed the boy. "My mother said that if I could just stick it out until lunchtime, she would come and pick me up."

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