Prom Jokes

Why didn't the skeleton go to the prom?
Cause he had no body to go with.

Where did the spider find his prom date?
On the World Wide Web.

What do you get when you cross an algebra class with the prom?
The quadratic formal.

What does a volleyball player do at prom?
Spike the punch.

Why did the girl turn down the invisible man?
Cause she just couldn't see going to prom with him!

Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?
His ghoul friend.

Why did the Orange take a Prune to prom?
Because he couldn't find a Date!

What did the shark say to the marlin at prom?
Lookin' Sharp.

What does an APUSH student talk about during prom?
The good old days!

What does a biologist wear to prom?
Designer jeans (genes).

Why did the jock wear sunglasses to prom?
He had a bright date.

Why couldn't Bruce Wayne find a prom date?
Because he had Bat Breath.

Where do lightning bolts go to for prom?
To cloud 9.

Do you know what my prom dates suit is made out of?
Boyfriend Material.

Where do cows go before prom?
To the moooooovies.

Why do archaeologists always get invited to prom?
Because they will "date any old thing".

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