Fidget Spinner Jokes

What did Flo Rida say to the fidget spinner?
You spin me right round, baby right round.

How do you know it's time to get your girlfriend a fidget spinner ring?
When you want to spin the rest of your life with her.

What do you call a small fidget spinner?
A midget spinner.

Fidget spinners have been around for years.
In fact, women call them washers and dryers.

What do you call someone with ADHD that cheats on his wife?
A Fidget sinner.

Did you hear about the guy who got a fidget spinner stuck on his dick?
Apparently he didn't read the directions.

What's the difference between a popular kids toy and Tyrion Lannister dancing?
One's a fidget spinner the other is a midget spinning.

I decided to ground my son by putting a padlock in his fidget spinner.

My favorite fidget spinner trick is disappointing my parents.

My ninja star fidget spinner is silent but deadly.

I proposed to my girlfriend with a fidget spinner because I want to spin the rest of my life with her.

A man walked into a bar.
He asks the bartender "Is it cool if I play with my fidget spinner?"
The bartender replies, "Sure, it's 2017, you can be gay anywhere."

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