Leprechaun Joke

A guy walks in to the bathroom to take leak after drinking a couple of pitchers of beer on St. Patrick's Day.
When short after a real short guy wearing a leprechauns costume walks in to use the urinal next to him.
For some reason the guy happens to glans over and sees this little guy has a huge cock.
Out of curiosity the guy ask the leprechaun man how can I get my cock to grow that big.
The leprechaun turns and says in a Irish voice, not to worry laddy I'm a leprechaun, I will grant u one wish If ya let me ram it in yur ass laddy.
The guy replies, fuck off I'm not gay. Never the less the leprechaun says your loss and starts to walk away.
The guy being drunk turns around and says hold on, are you really a leprechaun?
The leprechaun reply's well you see me top hat don?t ya, you see me green suit don't ya, and is it not St. pattys day, what more proof do you need laddy.
The guy stands there and thinks to himself he does have a point! So the guy after pondering for a while agrees, Ok man on one condition you can't tell anybody about this.
Leprechaun replies "Not to worry laddy, besides who would believe me anyway."
So here is this leprechaun going to town on this poor fella, when all of sudden he stops and ask the guy, "By the way laddy , how old are you?"
The guy replies "I'm 25yrs old , why do you ask?"
The short man replied now without the Irish accent, "Hmm just wondering why is a grown as 25yr old man still believing in leprechauns."

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