National Pretzel Day Jokes

Where do pretzels go on vacation?

Why did the police suspect the Pretzel?
Because he was twisted.

What do you get when you cross brussels sprouts with a popular snack?
Pretzel Sprouts.

What is a Pretzels favorite dance?
The Twist.

What did the chocolate covered pretzel say to the regular pretzel?
Don't be salty.

What happens when you get into a fight with a pretzel?
You get tangled up.

Did you know that Pretzels are knot bread?

You don't like my Pretzel jokes?
I am in-salted.

What happens when two pretzels get married?
They tie the knot.

Two Pretzels are walking down the street and one was assaulted.

I call my boss a Pretzel because he's always bent out of shape.

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