You Might Be Cajun If Joke

you start an angel food cake with a roux.

watching the "wild kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook.

you think a lobster is a crawfish on steriods.

you take a bite of 5-alarm southwest chili and reach for the tabasco.

you pass up a trip abroad to go to the crawfish festival in breaux bridge.

your mama announces each morning, "well, I've got the rice cooking-what will we have for dinner?"

you sit down to eat boiled crawfish and your host says "don't eat the dead ones" and you know what he means.

you don't know the real names of your friends, only their nicknames.

you gave up tabasco for lent.

you know the difference between zatarains, zeringue, and zydeco.

your dog thinks the bed of your pickup is his kennel.

any of your dessert recipes call for jalapenos.

you consider opelousas the capital of the state, and lafayette the capital of the nation.

you think the four seasons are: duck, rabbit, deer, squirrel.

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