Young Couple Joke

A young married couple are playing golf, when during an tee shot, the wife completely misses the shot and sends the ball to a nearby villa, breaking a window pane.

The young couple approach the house with caution and are amazed at how beautiful it is.
Worried about the damage that the ball could have caused and the subsequent compensation, they still decide to knock on the door.
Having no answer they noticed that the door is open, they open it slowly.
Entering the beautiful home they notice an ancient broken bottle near the window.

Suddenly a distinguished middle-aged gentleman, dressed in a very Arabic manner, introduces himself to them saying:
"Thank you for freeing me." I was living in that bottle for five thousand years, and now I can grant three wishes: I leave them to you, one each, but the third is up to me! "

The husband without even thinking about it says: "I want a salary of 100,000 dollars a month for the rest of my life!"

His wife follows him: "I want a house of my own in every country of the world!"

And the genie: "So be it! My desire instead is to have sex with the lady present, you know, after five thousand years of abstinence ... I hope you will understand."

The husband and wife agree that with all that they are going to get, it is worth sacrificing a bit ', so she joins genie in the bedroom.

Two hours later, the genie, lit the cigarette lying comfortably between the sheets, turns to the woman: "How old is your husband?"
"Thirty ... Why?" asks the woman
"And you?" replies the genie
"Twenty-eight, but why are you asking?" the woman replies
"You think by now you would have stopped believing in the genie in the bottle routine?"

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