Righty Or Lefty Joke

A 45 year old man was loaded, wanted to join a regular foursome and after waiting two years he got his call. There was an open membership, he'd made it and was now to meet his three, new best friends. The discussion was brief as there were few rules governing this group. 1.] They talked betting and he did not care about the costs; 2.] There was a 7 AM / 7 days a week tee time and could he make that rigid a schedule? His answer was yes, no problem, but occasionally I will be 20 - 30 minutes late. He was told as high as the wagering was, he'd be better off staying home. They played a quick 18 and the newbie shot 2 over par. Broke a little above even, money-wise. The next day he shot -1, but on this day he played left-handed, where yesterday he played right-handed. The group had a lot of questions and the newbie asked the man that looked like the leader to please ask. He asked, "You're about even on any side you play off and the difference in the two scores is probably due to feeling the course out." "My real question is how do you decide which way you will play?" He told them, "I go through my usual crap, shower and shave." "Then I go to my bedroom closet and open it, viewing both club sets." "Then I look at Naomi and if she's on her left side, I shoot lefty; if she's on her right, then that's the way I'll play." Another player asks, "What if she on neither side?" He says, "Oh, that's the occasion I'll be 20 to 30 minutes late!"

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