Massage Therapist Joke

On a golf course, a woman was learning how to play golf, and in one attempt she fired a violent shot and realized that the ball hit a man who was nearby.
He bends forward, squeezing his hands between his legs and moaning in pain.
She immediately runs to him to apologize.
"My apologies, sir, may I help you?"
And the man obviously in pain replies:
"No, no ... you can leave. You have done enough.
Quite helpful, she insists, "But I insist, I'm a masseuse, and I know how to handle it."
And the man: "Thank you for your kindness, but seriously you do not have to!"
She does not accept the man's reply and insists again. Without further delay, she opened the man's pants, put her hands inside, and began to massage gently.
Ten minutes later the man was already sighing with satisfaction when she asked,
"Is that okay?"
And the man responds:
"It's good, lady! You're really professional, but I think it's my right-hand finger that's broken ...

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