Game Of Golf Joke

I don't understand golf.

The entire point of golf is to play as little golf as possible.

To make as few shots as possible.

The more shots you take, the worse you are.

So the people who play the least golf are the best ones at it.

And the people who play the most golf are the worst ones at it.

Unlike other sports, people get paid millions of dollars for being able to play less golf than other people.

In football, basketball or tennis, the best pros are the ones who score the most.

If you want to get paid to play golf you have to be able to score less than other players.

To play less than other players.

As I put my ball on the tee, take a step back and look at the fairway ahead, I realise I don't play enough golf.

And hereā??s the thing, if you don't play enough golf you will never get better at playing golf.

So by not playing enough golf, you will never be good enough to play as little golf as possible.

After the swing and seeing my ball disappear into the trees again, one thing is clear.

I don't like golf.

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