Fast Food Jokes

Order a whopper from McDonalds, when they say they don't have whoppers insist that they do. If they still argue demand to see a manager then when you talk to them order a normal meal and say i don't know what's up with kids these days.

Go to any burger joint and order Chinese.

In summer turn stereo up full volume to Christmas music while ordering in drive through.

Walk up to drive through window with hands in the air like your holding onto a steering wheel.

Go through drive through and ask for directions to the place you're at.

Go through drive through naked, excluding the rabbit slippers of course!

Go inside and ask in a load voice if they got rid of the Ebola problems they've been having

Argue with your passenger (that's not there) and continue until you pay.

Pretend your deaf and order in sign language.

Go through Taco Bell order the 7 layer burrito. When they repeat your order ask if each layer of the burrito is sold separately.

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