Ho Ho Ho Joke

Santa went down the Chimney and started putting presents under the tree.
He went to leave and noticed the most beautiful red headed women laying there in her naughty nighties,
She said santa do you wanna stay and play,
He said HO HO HO Gotta go Gotta Go gotta deliver presents to the kids Ho HO.
So he went to leave again and She said once more,
"Santa dont you want to stay and play" as she took off her nighties and was layin there in a sexxy g-string,
He said Ho Ho HO gotta go gotta go gotta deliver presents to the kids dont you know ho ho,
So he went to leave one last time and the women said again,
"Santa stay and play" and when he turned around she was laying there completely naked,
The most beautiful thing in the world spread eagle,
He said hey hey hey gotta stay gotta stay, cant go up the chimney with my pecker this way!

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