Shadchen Joke

A jewish matchmaker is know as a shadchen, and one time there was a jewish man who went to a shadchen to find him a wife. The shadchen said, "There is one woman I know who is very nice. You would love her. She is smart, pretty, funny, a good cook, and she's one of the sweetest women ever." The jewish man asked the shadchen, "How is it that a woman this perfect is not yet married?" And the shadchen said, "Well there is a catch. For one day a year, the girl goes completely out of her mind." The man said, "If she is everything you say she is every other day of the year, one day of insanity is worth it. You must take me to her. I want to marry her as soon as possible." And the shadchen said, "I can not do that. You must meet and marry this girl on the one day a year she goes completely out of her mind." "Well why must I wait until then?" asked the man. And the shadchen replied, "Because that is the only day she would ever marry you.

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