Doctor's Visit Joke

Abe came home one day and found his wife Esther in tears.
"Darling, what's the matter?"
"Oh Abe," cried Esther, "Doctor Cohen says I have tuberculosis."
"What! A big healthy woman like you has tuberculosis? Ridiculous," said Abe, "I'll call Doctor Cohen and get this sorted out right now."
So Abe called his doctor. "Doctor, Esther says you told her she has tuberculosis."
The doctor said something to Abe and with that, Abe began laughing.
"So what's so funny about my having such a dreadful disease?" asked Esther.
"Esther, Doctor Cohen didn't say 'tuberculosis', he said 'too big a tochus'"
(�tochus' is Yiddish for �bottom').

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