Whore House Joke

An Iraqi walks into a whore house.
He approaches the Madam behind the front desk.
She takes a look at him and asks, "Well, how can I help you?"
The Iraqi replies," Mmmm, me need a woman."
Madam: "Do you have money?"
Iraqi: "Me have money."
Madam: "Do you have experience?"
The Iraqi looked a little perplexed and replied, " mmmmm..... me have no experience."
So the Madam hands the Iraqi a jar of Vasoline and starts to give him some instructions.
"There�s an oak tree outside with a hole in it. Go out there and practice, and come back when you are ready."
So the Iraqi goes out there and does his thing, and is back in just a few minutes.
Iraqi: " Me ready for woman now."
Madam:" Go up the elevator to the fourth floor, last door on the left."
So the Iraqi gets in the elevator, goes to the 4th floor, goes to the last door on the left, and opens it.
What he sees next is a porn star quality blonde butt naked, spread eagle on the bed.
He takes his shirt off, grabs the broom from the corner of the room, and starts ramming her with it.
The whore screamed and hollered until the Madam came running in.
She asked the Iraqi, "What the fuck are you doing?!?"
The Iraqi turned and said," Mmmm....me check for bees first!"

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