Volleyball Jokes

Did you see the movie about Volleyball injuries?
It was directed by Spike Lee.

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a volleyball court?

What can you serve but never eat?
A Volleyball.

What do you call a professional beach volleyball player with no girlfriend/boyfriend?

How does a volleyball player deliver her messages?
By Air Mail.

What does a volleyball player do at prom?
Spike the punch.

What do you call a professional beach volleyball player who just broke up with his girlfriend?

Where do ghosts play volleyball?
On a volleyball corpse!

What does a police officer do on the volleyball court?
Serve and Protect.

So did you hear about the volleyball and the battery that got into a fight?
The battery was charged and the volleyball is waiting to go to court.

Why didn't the server blame his hand for the poor service?
It was the foots fault.

What do a dentist and a volleyball coach have in common?
They both use drills!

Where is the first volleyball match mentioned in the Bible?
When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

Why did the blonde volleyball player lose her waitressing job?
Someone told her to serve food.

Why are volleyball players like lawyers?
Because they always try to avoid faults and pass the blame.

What does a carpenter and a volleyball player have in common?
They both like to hammer spikes.

What does a religious volleyball player do?
Serve god.

Why is it not good to play volleyball in a court?
Because you might get arrested

Why don't sniper attacks work on volleyball players?
Because they always run for cover.

Why did the volleyball player bring an extra pair of shoelaces?
Because she wanted to tie the score.

Why are spiders great volleyball players?
Cause they have great topspin.

What do volleyball players do in their free time?
Watch Spike TV.

Why can't fish play volleyball?
Because they are afraid of the net.

Want to beat Misty May and Kerri Walsh?
You have to dig a little deeper.

Why is it good to stand on the service line?
Because you can order ice cream

What do you call a beach volleyball player with two brain cells?

Why did the volleyball player join the army?
To serve our country.

Son: I made fun of a volleyball player and I got hit on the head.
Mom: It serves you well.

What happens when the Grim Reaper spikes the ball?
You dig your own grave.

My volleyball opponent was not happy with my serve. He kept returning it.

I got 99 problems but a block ain't one.

You can spike a volleyball, but you can't take away its dig-nity.

Recreational Preferences
After a 2 year study, the National Science Foundation announced the following results on America's recreational preferences:
1. The sport of choice for unemployed or incarcerated people is: basketball.
2. The sport of choice for temps is: volleyball.
3. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is: bowling.
4. The sport of choice for blue-collar workers is: football.
5. The sport of choice for supervisors is: baseball.
6. The sport of choice for middle management is: tennis.
7. The sport of choice for corporate officers is: golf.

Conclusion: The higher you rise in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.

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