Ping Pong Jokes

What do you serve but not eat?
A ping pong ball.

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a table tennis court?

Why are fish not good at ping pong?
They don't like getting close to the net.

What did one ping pong ball say to the other ping pong ball?
"See you round.."

Why are spiders great ping pong players?
Cause they have great topspin.

What do you call a competitive table tennis player who just broke up with his girlfriend?

What happens when you use pickles for a ping pong game?
You get a volley of the Dills.

What do a dentist and a table tennis coach have in common?
They both use drills!

When does a ping pong player go to sleep?
Around Tennish.

Where is the first table tennis match mentioned in the Bible?
When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

What do you call a blonde table tennis player with two brain cells?

So did you hear about the ping pong ball and the battery that got into a fight?
The battery was charged and the ping pong ball was paddled.

What's a horse's favorite sport?
Stable Tennis.

My ping pong opponent was not happy with my serve. He kept returning it.

Ping Pong: 10% of the time hitting a ping pong ball, 90% of the time chasing the ball around the room.

Are you a ping pong table? Cuz you ping pong my balls.

Stop staring at my "Balls of Fury".

That awkward moment when you realize your ping pong paddle is cooler than you.

Doctors Orders
A middle management executive has to take on some sport, by his doctor's orders, so he decides to play table tennis.
After a couple of weeks his secretary asks him how he's doing. "It's going fine, " the manager says.
"When I'm playing and I see the ball speeding towards me, my brain immediately says, 'To the corner! Back hand! To the net! Smash! Go back!'"
"Really? What happens then?" the secretary asks.
"Then my body says, 'Who? Me? You must be kidding!"

Three Knights
There was a queen and her three knights and the queen said "Go on a journey, and who ever comes back with the most ping pong balls will be the king."
So the knights go on their way. a few days later one knight come to the queen with 1000 ping pong balls.
The next day the second knight comes with 10000 ping pong balls.
About two or three days later the third one come with no ping pong balls but with bruises, scratches, and a broken leg.
The queen says to the knight "Where are all of your ping pong balls?"
and the knight says "Ping pong balls? I thought you said King Kong balls"

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