Field Hockey Jokes

Which are the best animals at field hockey?
A score-pion.

What drink do goalies hate?

How do you know a leper is playing field hockey?
There's a 'face-off' in the corner.

Why do field hockey players always sweat?
They don't have many fans!

Why is the field hockey field hot after the game?
Because all the fans have left.

What do you call a rapper playing field hockey?
Scoop Dogg.

What does a field hockey striker say on Halloween?
Hat Trick or Treat!

Why couldn't Cinderella be on the field hockey team?
Because she always ran away from the ball!

What did the goalie say to the ball?
Catch ya later.

What does a good field hockey striker have in common with a magician?
Both do hat tricks.

What do you call a dog that swallows a field hockey ball?

What do a dentist and a field hockey coach have in common?
They both use drills!

Why did the field hockey player bring an extra pair of shoelaces?
Because she wanted to tie the score.

What do you call a metalhead playing field hockey?
Alice Scooper.

The girl with the field hockey stick is always right.

Girl: What position should I play in field hockey?
Guy: Be a goalie!
Girl: Why?
Guy: So I can tell people my girlfriend's a keeper.

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