Funny Fantasy Soccer Team Names

Baby's Got Backlund

Pardy Like a Rock Star

Voracek YoSelf

Honey Nut Chelios

Penalty Box Heroes

Moves Like Jagr

The Big Letowski

The Crosby Show

Doughty Little Secret

Parenteau Guidance

Weiss Guys

Multiple Scorgasms

Amazon Kindl Fire

Staal Tactics

Urbom Cowboy

Krugs Not Drugs

Doan Stop Believin'

Osgood As It Gets

The Price Is Right

Fresh Prince of Briere

Face Off

Staal Tactics

2 Goals 1 Cup

Hull & Oates

Streit Outta Compton

Weekend at Bernier's

The Fasth and the Furious

He Shoots He Scores

Semin Stains

Bash Brothers

Faulk You

Getting Giggy With It

Natural Born Hillers

Malkin in the Middle

Doesn't Hertl To Try

The Bathroom Staals

Ugly Pucklings


Coffey Break

Hat-Trick Swayze

Dropping The Gloves

No Diggity No Doughty

On The Gravy Kane

Hiller High Water

Slap Shots

Hat Tricks and Face Offs

Ice in my veins

Hockey Lives Matter

Blueline Bruiser

Whats The Maatta

Pretty Fly For A Penguin

Puck You, Puck You, You're Cool

Bros Before Hossas

Barnes And Knuble

For Women

Valley of the Dowells

Whole Latta Love

Gilmour Girls

Mother Puckers

Since You Benn Gone

The Flying V

2 Girls 1 Puck

Multiple Scorgasms

Chocolate Leclair

Kiss From Larose

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